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All Points North Lodge, which officially opened in March 2020, provides a resource for those struggling with addiction, mental health and trauma.

The facility offers addiction and mental health treatments, trauma therapy, crisis management, coaching and personal development workshops, concierge medicine, athletic performance programs and advanced practices and activities.

The facility’s performance exceeded expectations from the beginning, even amid the pandemic.  –GlobeSt.

CSMN Investments sold the All Points North Lodge, a comprehensive wellness and treatment campus located just outside of Vail, Col., to WC Acquisition Holdings in a $57 million sale-leaseback transaction.

Brand New Colorado Destination Wellness Center, All Points North Lodge, Officially Opens its Doors During COVID-19 Crisis

The peak center of personal development and breakthrough treatments will continue to remain open as a safe haven for clients during this pandemic

LOS ANGELES, March 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Lives are set to be transformed in the vast expanse of the Rocky Mountain range in Edwards, CO. With a five-star, resort-style campus summiting new heights of personal development and human performance, All Points North Lodge (APN Lodge) boasts tailor-made self-growth programs, state-of-the-art technology, leading health professionals and community-building ideals, all within stunning accommodations.

The elegant mountainous resort offers lasting addiction and mental health treatments, trauma therapy, crisis management, coaching and personal development workshops, concierge medicine, athletic performance programs, and advanced practices and activities. 

These approaches will fulfill the needs of a broad range of individuals from business executives, athletes, industry professionals, and others seeking comprehensive approaching to healing and growth.

Staffed by a team of experts and medical leading lights, APN Lodge houses world-renowned doctors, therapists, behavioral health specialists, clinicians, fitness trainers, coaches, chefs, dietitians, chauffeurs, and professional security teams.

Highlighted personnel include:

In addition to noteworthy employees, APN Lodge’s world-class accommodations proudly feature privatesemi-private and executive suites; a pool, a fitness center, and spa amenities; personal trainers and bodywork; an executive chef and registered dietitian; as well as cutting edge technology (e.g. hyperbaric oxygen therapy, Deep TMS).

“This single campus is a hub for multidisciplinary experts, modalities, amenities, activities, and health services, all integrated together,” explains Noah Nordheimer, APN Lodge’s President/CEO with a 20-year track record of transformational development through innovative real estate, behavioral health, and wellness investment strategies. “We’re dedicated to providing the highest quality experience and greatest possible outcomes under one roof.”

As the world now faces widespread fear and grief during the coronavirus pandemic, APN Lodge is committed to being a resource and refuge for those struggling with addiction, mental health, and uncertainty about the future.

Additionally, the lodge is closely following the CDC’s guidelines and taking extra precautions to offer a safe, healthy environment for its clients and staff.

“The great thing about All Points North Lodge is we have the space inside our facility to accommodate social distancing, even in our therapy rooms,” says Tallie Grabske, RN, BSN, Director of Nursing.

Above and beyond health and cleaning measures include, but are not limited to:

  • Client airport pickup in APN Lodge Escalades, sanitized for each new passenger
  • Social distancing in group therapy rooms
  • Telehealth and Teletherapy options to limit in-person interaction
  • Two-day mandatory quarantine and monitoring for all new clients
  • Extensive cleaning and sanitization procedures
  • Expanded pre-screening for body temperature and prior whereabout history
  • Yoga and fitness classes now conducted by onsite staff rather than visiting vendors

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