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We’d like your feedback FOR our “new med. community/online training forum” name? Please vote for your favorite. :)

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By Michael Tetreault, Editor in Chief

March 2021 – As you know, a lot of you “learn on a need to know” basis. You’re busy treating patients, answering texts and the like.

You’ve also informed us that there are some online courses you’d like to see brought to you as well as a way to “stay connected” throughout the year with each other. Last year we created a special online community just for you! But, we’re trying to decide what to call it. Because, our audience is much bigger than just “physicians”. It also encompasses mid-levels, healthcare CEOs and precision medicine PhDs and others. We want to be as inclusive but also helpful … so, let us know what you’re thoughts are on a potential name for this “online community”.

We appreciate & value your feedback! And, as we say a lot around here … “THANK YOU!”


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