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(Trending) Cleveland Clinic-Oscar Health partnership shows success in Concierge Medicine

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March 09, 2020 12:24 PM | BY MARY VANAC

Guiding patients through the system lends the Clinic/Oscar partnership qualities of “concierge medicine,” which traditionally has meant a relationship between a patient and primary-care physician in which the patient pays an annual fee—sometimes tens of thousands of dollars—for most procedures done by the physician in his or her office.

Cleveland Clinic, Oscar Expand Health Insurance to Three Additional Ohio Counties

Cleveland Clinic and Oscar will expand their co-branded health insurance plans, Cleveland Clinic + Oscar, by offering 2020 coverage to individuals and families in three additional Ohio counties: Ashtabula, Geauga, and Portage. This decision to expand comes after a successful start to the partnership, which launched in 2018, marking Cleveland Clinic’s first entry into the … Read More

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