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Meet The Top 25 Doctors In Concierge Medicine of 2021

APRIL 2020 – Thankful FOR DOCTORs and NURSES. Concierge Medicine Today at a recent show of support for our healthcare workers. (Credit: CMT; April 2020)

“Top Doctor recognition is always tough because we receive so many great nominations about so many wonderful Doctors every two years,” said Michael Tetreault, Editor-in-Chief of Concierge Medicine Today. “It’s particularly challenging this year because so many Doctors and their staff are working diligently to address COVID-19 in their communities on top of a consistent workload and daily visits with their Patients. We recognize that every Doctor today is facing impossible odds, putting themselves at risk, sacrificing time with their family, facing constant opposition from what seems to be all around them and you rarely receive the respect, honor or gratitude you so deserve. Every Doctor we speak with deserves our gratitude and respect. We’ve also learned over the years from so many of you that what differentiates the good from the great … is that the great ones understand that in today’s culture, it’s no longer about being the best Doctor in the world — it’s about being the best Doctor FOR the world and the community around which the Physician lives and works.”

Concierge Medicine Today recently asked Doctors how they show their Patients and communities “Radical Hospitality” and “Kindness”  — and here’s what they had to say (above). What does “Radical Hospitality” looks like in your practice? — Concierge Medicine is a marriage of the Hippocratic Oath and the Golden Rule. Learn More and attend the 2021 CONCIERGE MEDICINE FORUM coming to ATLANTA, GA USA – FALL 2021 — LEARN MORE | REGISTER ….


Editor-in-Chief, Concierge Medicine Today, Michael Tetreault

“Now, more than twenty years later, the bustling and innovative Concierge Medicine space is an irresistible career lifeline FOR DOCTORS desiring to have a closer relationship with their Patients. A relationship focused on prevention and specific-attention to details often overlooked in today’s busy healthcare marketplace. The first two words that come to mind when we think of Concierge Doctors today are unique and remarkable. They are setting the example for other Doctors everywhere to follow. They’re leaning into new technologies and evidence based medicine research tools that are designed for the future of healthcare. The Concierge Medicine and private healthcare industry has become the conscience for many Physicians and health systems operating throughout the country. We find your peers lean-in, straighten up and listen just a little more when these Doctors enter the exam room. They’ve certainly reversed the order of things for Patients. They changed the predominant model of the healthcare experience and made it ‘Unique’ and ‘their own.’ They’re showing and telling all of us ‘How healthcare Could Be and Should Be’ delivered in today’s communities. From their early adoption of new telehealth technology to using new A.I. solutions to help their patients make more educated decisions and the use and implementation of precision medicine tools and so much more … Who would have thought we’d be here years later?”

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A Biennial Recognition, Meet The Who’s Who In Concierge Medicine Throughout The U.S. In 2020-2021 by industry trade publication, Concierge Medicine Today.

JANUARY 1, 2021 | ATLANTA, GA USA – Twenty-five (25) Physicians have been named to Concierge Medicine Today’s biennial ‘Top Doctors In Concierge Medicine’ for 2020-2021. This national trade publication’s recognition is a distinction held by less than one percent of doctors across the country every two years.

concierge medicine facts stats numbers www.ConciergeMedicineToday.comOver the past several years, Concierge Medicine Today found distinguished doctors opening unique practices in markets like New York, Florida, Connecticut, California, Georgia, Texas, Illinois and London, England. This year, physicians are prominently working in various medical areas of healthcare which include: Cardiology; Integrative and Functional Medicine; Pediatric Care; Primary Care; developing employer-centric programs; Family Medicine; Executive Healthcare settings; Anti-Aging; mobile medical facilities; virtual ERs; practice within academic and hospital medical institutions; and even teach at some of the most prominent Universities. The result is Concierge Medicine Today’s 2020-2021 Top Doctors In Concierge Medicine list, which includes some of the nation’s most respected specialists and outstanding primary care physicians.*

“A ten minute or fifteen minute visit, are you insane?” said one Physician in Washington, D.C. we talked to recently. “I’ve spent hours with Patients … and at the end of the day, people understand the value of that.”

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“These are the doctors that patients, peers and other healthcare professionals nominate over a two year period and whom people want to recognize and believe are the best in their field,” added Tetreault. “Not every Physician who is nominated makes the list either. This is not a sponsored or endorsed position*, nor do Doctors on the list pay a fee to be nominated or listed. Today, as in years past, this is a list which is respected by the medical profession, peers and patients alike as a source of quality information, insight and is a moment to recognize and support the hard work done by the Physician in his/her community.”

Concierge Medicine Today (CMT) surveys communities, Physicians and staff for nearly two years before selecting the final list. CMT looks for physicians who have made a significant impact on patients, their peers, their community, their state, social media, clinical research and personalized treatment, use innovative technology and more. Concierge Medicine physicians don’t accept the status quo. Therefore, we believe it is important to acknowledge specific physicians and certain practices every two years within the Concierge Medicine space … and hope they continue to reflect positivity, demonstrate kindness towards others, drive innovation in their patient care and treatment decisions, communicate with clarity and exceptional professionalism, provide value for Patients and uncover the unique benefits of this at-the-ready industry.

“The art of medicine is the application of all this information and skills we learn and relaying this in a humane way to this one patient in front of you,” says Concierge Physician, Dr. Michael Luciano. “Which is the only thing that matters at this moment. I am here for you is what each patient deserves to feel. This in my opinion is what separates the good doctor from the great doctor. That skill is innate. Those going into the field for the right reasons have this within them.”

“Telling Patients to eat right and exercise is a wish, not a strategy,” said one Concierge Medicine Physician on the 2020-2021 list. “We really have to spell out and educate.”

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“Patient Satisfaction in Concierge Care remains exceptionally high but inside traditional medical practice environments, patients expect to wait and they expect friction with staff,” notes Tetreault. “Nowhere else in our lives except inside a healthcare facility do Patients ready ourselves for this kind of tension. Attitudes toward Concierge Medicine have undergone significant and positive changes since the signature of the Affordable Care Act in 2010 and throughout the past twenty plus years. A majority of consumers in healthcare today say, they expect a disengaged staff and an unpleasant visit when at their doctor’s office. We can do better. Concierge Medicine Patients are Invited rather than Expected. This counter-intuitive approach exceeds expectations, thereby creating a massively loyal and engaged audience which, in turn, is producing some amazing patient outcome data as released and seen by  organizations operating in this space.”

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A Biennial Recognition, Concierge Medicine Today’s Top Doctors In Concierge Medicine are the doctors that patients, peers and other healthcare professionals recognize as the best in their field. They are working inside of Integrative and Functional Medicine environments; Pediatric Concierge Care; Subscription-based Primary Care; Cardiology; Tropical Medicine; Family Medicine; Executive Healthcare and even Holistic Menopause and Anti-Aging practices.

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Twenty-Five Physicians (Total) Across The United States and Abroad Are Selected By CMT For This Biennial Recognition. This Recognition Is Bestowed Upon These Unique Physicians Practicing Concierge Medicine. Nominations/Surveys Were Received By CMT Over Past 24-Months By Current/Former Patients, Employees and/or Team Members and Medical Professionals, Colleagues/Peers verbally, electronically and through a nomination application in most cases. Through Their Establishment Of A Proven Medical Practice Model, Respect Received As A Concierge Physician From Their Colleagues Within The Community of Medicine At-Large, Nominations/Surveys Displaying High Patient Satisfaction Levels, Their Community Involvement And Continued Innovation In The Delivery Of Health Care Services … We Are Proud To Bestow This Recognition To A Select Group of Unique Individuals Within Concierge Medicine. As The Physician Recipient Understands, This Recognition Can Only Be Earned By His/Her Commitment to Patients and Community. If you have any questions about these physicians, their services, etc., please contact the doctor or doctor’s office directly.

Congratulations to the following physicians named to Concierge Medicine Today’s 2020-2021 list of ‘Top 25 Doctors in Concierge Medicine’ who made the list (in alphabetical order):

Matthew Acampora, M.D. | Charlotte, NC | Primary Care

Dr. Matthew Acampora grew up in a household with longstanding passion and respect for science and medicine. During the Great Depression, Dr. Acampora’s father put his medical studies on hold in order to support the family. This encouraged Dr. Acampora to pick up where his father left off and pursue a career in medicine. Dr. Acampora is an avid gardener and is especially proud of the success he has had growing tomatoes and watermelons. He also has a passion for cooking and baking and is still trying for a batch of chocolate chip cookies that will win his daughters’ approval.

Dr. Steven Avallone and Dr. Cristina I. Pravia

UHealth’s Executive Health and Concierge Medicine | Dr. Steven Avallone and Dr. Cristina I. Pravia | University of Miami Miller School of Medicine | Learn More …

“As a doctor, keeping people healthy and helping them achieve optimal health is very rewarding,” Dr. Avallone said. “That’s our job, and it’s why most of us went into this profession. We’re here to make sick people better and keep healthy people well. If we do our jobs well, our patients benefit, the people around them benefit, and it makes for a healthier community to live in.”

While growing up in Parsippany, N.J., Stephen V. Avallone, M.D., UHealth’s new director of executive health and concierge medicine, dreamed of becoming a physician. But as an 18-year-old heading off to the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in New London, Conn., he had to put his plans for a medical career aside because the institution didn’t offer a pre-med track. Instead, he chose civil engineering, a profession in which he later earned a graduate degree and worked for more than a decade.

Dr. Carrie Bordinko, Owner/Physician, Benessair and Consolarè Personal Physician Services

Dr. Carrie Bordinko, RN, BSN, MD | Founder and CEO | Consolaré and Benessair Health | Learn More …

Dr. Carrie Bordinko is a board-certified Internal Medicine physician. Creating the space of Consolaré and Benessair Health has been her dream in the making over the last 20 years.

Dr. Bordinko practices what she preaches by maintaining a daily regimen of fitness, nutrition, and moderation. She spends her limited free time weight lifting, boxing, horseback riding, and is currently mastering gymnastics, all after the age of 50.

Dr. Bordinko attended undergrad at ASU with a Bachelors in Nursing, graduating Summa Cum Laude. She managed specialty infusion/pharmaceutical and medical equipment regional offices, as well as delivered patient care as a hospice and home health nurse.

In 2002 Dr. Bordinko went on to attend Medical School at Saba University in the Dutch Antilles, and completed her clinical training at University of Missouri Kansas City, St. Luke’s Hospital in Kansas City, MO. Her residency in internal Medicine (2005-2008) was completed at St. Joseph’s Hospital & Medical Center/Barrow Neurological Institute, in Phoenix Arizona. She served as the first ever third-year Internal Medicine Chief Resident for the Internal Medicine Department. Dr. Bordinko also practiced medicine as an emergency room Physician at the Phoenix Veterans Administration hospital from 2008-2011.Immediately after residency in 2008, Dr. Bordinko founded Consolarè Personal Physician Services with the desire to offer a very different patient experience to families – first and foremost centered on patients needs.In her very limited free time, Dr. Bordinko enjoys boxing, water sports, weightlifting, and horseback riding.

In this special edition of our podcast we sit down with Dr. Ellie Campbell, a Double Board-Certified Physician with clinical interests in family medicine, holistic care, a specialist in Functional Medicine and Oral Systemic Connection.

Ellie Campbell, D.O. | Cumming, GA (North Atlanta) | Learn More …

  • Double Board-Certified Physician, Dr. Campbell has clinical interests in Family Medicine, Holistic Care, Integrative & Functional Medicine.

Originally a native of metro Chicago-land, she graduated from the University of Illinois in 1983, and obtained a Master of Science degree in 1984. She obtained her DO degree from the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1989, emphasizing care for the body, mind and spirit. Retreating to a southern climate, she then moved to Georgia for her Family Medicine training. In 1992, she received the outstanding resident of the year award from the Family Medicine department at the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta. For the first thirteen years of her career, Dr. Campbell served the uninsured of our community practicing at a community health center. In 2005 she started her own private practice.

CMT COVID-19 Special Edition | EP 310 | Dr. Ellie Campbell Discusses Coronavirus COVID-19 Edu FOR DOCTORS and Patients

In her free time, Dr. Campbell and her husband vacation with their three wonderful daughters and enjoy theater, yard work and gardening together.Dr. Campbell is also the trusted physician to many physicians, surgeons, dentists, chiropractors, veterinarians, and their families.The staff at CFM refers to Dr. Campbell as the “Master of the Human Jigsaw Puzzle” and feel privileged to have her as their own family physician.

Dr. Anuj Chaturvedi | London, England | Medical Director, GP at HealthClic Ltd

Dr. Anuj Chaturvedi | London, England | Medical Director, GP at HealthClic Ltd | Learn More …

“I pay close attention to any concern my patients may have, so we can work together to achieve the very best results”

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Dr Anuj Chaturvedi has over 30 years of experience practising medicine and is our Medical Director and HealthClic GP. He is a Specialist Advisor to the Care Quality Commission, which enhances his focus on patient safety. He is also a GP Trainer and Appraiser, and is involved in the recruitment process for GPs with The London Deanery. Through his extensive experience as a doctor and a father, he feels that patients deserve a personalised, committed and uncompromised service from their family doctor. Dr Chaturvedi qualified as a General Practitioner in 2004, and has spent many years working in the National Health Service at Partner level. Dr Chaturvedi has since held Membership with the Royal College of General Practitioners. He takes a very thorough approach as a GP, and believes that medicine is an art as well as a science.

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Dr. Jessica Cho | Los Angeles, CA | Learn More …

“My wisdom as a doctor is deeply rooted in integrative medicine. I have been blessed with a command of both Western and Eastern medicines, and my interdisciplinary background has enabled me to use a variety of tools to set up my patients for success. Therefore, rather than treating just symptoms, I treat the whole person. I approach the patient through multi-faceted lens and beyond conventional medical knowledge, through orchestrating bio-identical hormones, IV nutrition therapy, heavy metal detoxification, acupuncture, and cupping to optimize the health and the wellness of a patient.I have a purpose as a medical doctor to serve the community with compassion and love. And,I follow my true calling to go globally beyond any boundaries of color, ethnicity, religion to help under-served, oppressed, and forgotten people–Kurdish, Roman gypsies, Afghanistan refugees, Guarani Indian tribes in Amazon and more.”

Dr. Edward Espinosa

Dr. Edward Espinosa | Learn More …

Dr. Espinosa’s area of expertise is in diagnosis and treatment of most adult medical problems encompassing patients 17 years of age and older. Heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, arthritis, asthma, and depression are just a few of the highlighted concerns of his practice. Health maintenance and preventive medicine are emphasized through encouragement and counsel in such areas as regular exercise, lowering cholesterol, weight management, smoking cessation and the overall prevention of coronary artery disease. Correspondingly, a major objective of his practice is the early detection and diagnosis of disease in its earliest and most treatable stages. Dr. Espinosa’s goal is to promote each of his patients to achieve and maintain optimal health. Dr. Espinosa is married with three children and plays an active role in his community. He is fluent in Spanish.

Sanford Friedman, M.D. | New York, NY.

Sanford Friedman, M.D. | New York, NY. | Practicing Internist and Cardiologist | Learn More …

Dr. Friedman spends extra time with patients to serve as a coach and motivator. He has scheduled several “Strides with Sandy” walks about Central Park for patients at varying fitness levels, and has even taken members on guided tours through the Met. Good health is so much more than just medicine. With Dr. Friedman, patients receive a health provider and the lifestyle support they need to reach their best health today and for the future.[*]

“As a practicing internist and cardiologist, I am dedicated to promoting the lifestyle choices that lead to better health, including proper nutrition, fitness, stress and sleep management.No matter your age, weight or fitness level—with the right partner, you can take incremental steps to reduce your risk of chronic illness. I am a tri-athlete, a runner, a lover of art and culture, a passionate whole food advocate, and a physician.”

Sarah Mildred Gamble, D.O., Greenwich, CT

Sarah Mildred Gamble, D.O. | Greenwich, CT | Osteopathic Medicine | Learn More …

Dr. Sarah Mildred Gamble obtained her Medical Degree in Osteopathic Medicine from the Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences in 2004. She completed her residency training in Internal Medicine at the Westchester County Medical Center in Valhalla, New York.

She currently serves on the Board of the federal NFP organization, Friends in Africa through which she and a team of volunteers have traveled to Senegal and Kenya to provide free medical and dental care since 2003. She also assists The Stamford Hospital Foundation Board raising awareness and funds for the healthcare needs of our local under-served population and, volunteers her services twice a month at the AmeriCares Free Clinic located in South Norwalk, CT.

“I am passionately committed to offering my patients the quality care they deserve, with a more personalized approach and time to address all their needs.” ~Dr. Uday Jani

Dr. Uday Jani | Milton, DE | Learn More …

“Since the time I was a young boy I have been interested in “healing.” I can remember a debate with my grandfather about whether my tonsils should be removed surgically, as he believed, or whether there might be an equally effective homeopathic remedy, as I believed. Thus from an early age, it was clear to me there were different medical options for most ailments.”

Dr. Jani’s COVID-19 Talk Draws More Than 110 at Area Library  On Monday, March 9th, it was a full house at Lewes Library as Dr. Jani presented the community with reassuring wisdom and practical advice on staying healthy during the COVID-19 outbreak. Most important: strengthen your immune system.

“I am passionately committed to offering my patients the quality care they deserve, with a more personalized approach and time to address all their needs. My concierge medicine practice in Milton, DE, is truly patient-focused, enabling me to blend the best of traditional, integrative and functional medicine to treat body, mind and spirit.”

SPECIAL EDI. (COVID-19) | Dr. Uday Jani On Coronavirus Anxiety and Steps Doctors and Patients Can Take

Thomas W. LaGrelius, MD, FAAFP

Dr. Tom LaGrelius | Torrance, CA | Learn More …

Dr. LaGrelius was born in Seattle, Washington and has resided in South Bay, Los Angeles County, since 1969. He and his wife, Patti, have three grown children, Piper, Michael and Kimberly, and four grandchildren, Ellen, Nora Lydia and Barrett. Dr. LaGrelius holds a commercial instrument pilot’s license. He is an active aviator and aircraft owner and enjoys flying, photography, sailing, exercise, public speaking, medical politics, writing and healthcare reform. He writes a bylined column appearing in a dozen or more newspapers titled “Senior Living.”

  • Board Certifications: Family Medicine and Geriatric Medicine, American Board of Family Practice

Being a family physician is a great privilege, and he carries it with great responsibility. It is not a part-time job. It is a full-time calling to which Dr. LaGrelius has devoted his life – a decision he made as a youth. To him, it is the most interesting, challenging and rewarding of all professions.

EP 269 | Industry Pioneer, Thomas W. LaGrelius, MD, FAAFP and the ACPP

Tom is also the current President of The American College of Private Physicians ( which is the premier professional society for established, successfully functioning direct practices. Our network of leading doctors is dedicated to improving best practices for all our members through topical educational programing, exclusive cost savings on today’s most effective practice management resources, new patient travel care coverage and efficient marketing services that elevate a doctor’s online visibility. The ACPP believes the investment in membership is returned through improved practice management and patient care.

Lisa Larkin, MD, a nationally renowned women’s health internist, has founded a new healthcare organization focused on raising the level of primary care for women.

Lisa Larkin | MD, FACP, NCMP, IF | Ms.Medicine: a national membership organization for women’s health clinicians and a concierge women’s health primary care network | Learn More about Dr. Larkin …

A breast cancer survivor herself, Dr. Larkin’s passion is women’s health, particularly menopause management, female sexual health, cancer survivorship, breast cancer risk assessment and prevention, and women and cardiovascular disease. She is a tireless advocate for her patients and in the community, frequently lecturing on women’s health topics, writing articles for community publications, and appearing on local news outlets to discuss women’s health issues. Additionally, she serves as an advisor to several pharmaceutical, product and device companies. Notably, she spoke at the FDA in 2015 as part of a group advocating for the approval flibanserin, the first FDA-approved medication for female sexual dysfunction.

EP 234 | Meet Dr Lisa Larkin, CEO, Disrupter, Changemaker In Medicine at Ms Medicine Part 1

She is the Founder and CEO of Ms. Medicine, LLC, a national membership organization for women’s health clinicians and a concierge women’s health primary care network. She is also owner and President of Lisa Larkin, MD, and Associates.

Louis B. Malinow, MD

Louis B. Malinow, MD | Baltimore, MD. | Learn More …

  • American Board of Internal Medicine
  • Board Certified Hypertension Specialist
  • Diplomate, American Board of Clinical Lipidology
  • Only Physician in Maryland with this dual specialty in high blood pressure and high cholesterol management

“The time I have available allows me to form very close bonds with my patients to help to facilitate a level of trust and comfort that is difficult to find in a traditional practice. As a cholesterol and blood pressure specialist, I tend to take a very aggressive preventive approach to medicine, which I believe will be extrememly beneficial decades down the road. My patients appreciate my emphasis on wellness and my dedication to remaining on top of current medical information. The ability to positively impact so many lives is such a privilege; I really can’t wait to get to work every day.”

LISTEN TO OUR LATEST INTERVIEW with Dr. MARIANO HERE — In 1994, Dr. Mariano was named Director of the White House Medical Unit and chosen by President William Clinton to serve as his personal physician. Dr. Mariano served nine years at the White House where she was physician to three sitting American Presidents.

Dr. Connie Mariano | Learn More …

  • Dr. Mariano’s highest position in medicine was held as Physician to the President for President William J. Clinton, from 1994-2001. She has also held the title of Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Uniformed Services University School of Health Sciences and the Mayo School of Medicine.

Dr. Eleanor C. Mariano is the President and Founder of the Center for Executive Medicine (CEM) in Scottsdale, Arizona.  She is known to her patients and the media as Dr. Connie Mariano.  To two former Presidents of the United States and their families, Dr. Mariano is simply “Dr. Connie.” Dr. Mariano graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology, cum laude, June 1977 from Revelle College at the University of California in San Diego. She attended the nation’s military medical school, the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences School of Medicine in Bethesda, Maryland, graduating with a Doctor of Medicine degree in May 1981. Dr. Mariano completed her internship and residency in Internal Medicine at the Naval Hospital San Diego, CA in 1982 and 1986 respectively.  She is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians (FACP) and board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine since 1987.  She has been a diplomate of the National Board of Medical Examiners since 1982.  Dr. Mariano is licensed to practice medicine in Arizona and California.

An expert on the care of VIPs, celebrities, and world leaders, Dr. Mariano is a frequent guest speaker at international conferences as well as on media specials such as CNN’s “The Health of the President.” With over thirty years in the medical profession, Dr. Mariano has taken care of patients both in the military and private sector.  She brings to the CEM her unique experience and passion in providing the highest standard of care to all her patients. During those rare moments she can define as “free time,” Dr. Mariano enjoys writing (author of The White House Doctor: My Patients were Presidents” published in 2010 by St. Martin’s Press), hosting her monthly internet radio show, “Dr. Connie’s House Calls” on the Empowerment Channel of Voice America network; travel with her retired-CEO husband; and visiting her grandchildren.

(New, Listen) EP 314 | Meet Dr. Connie Mariano

Dr. Howard Maron, Founder of MD2

Dr. Howard Maron | Learn More …

Dr. Howard Maron founded MD²® (MD SQUARED®) in 1996 based on the belief that delivering exceptional medical care must fundamentally revolve around, honor and protect the most sacred of relationships – that between a physician and a patient. Dr. Maron wasn’t setting out to ignite a whole cottage industry or pioneer a new category of medicine – but he did. Many have tried to copy this style of practicing medicine and have given it many names over the years – concierge medicine, direct primary care or membership medicine. At MD2, it is about a group of world-renowned doctors committed to delivering a level of personal care known only in years long past.  It is about being cared for in a way you would care for your own family member.

MD²: Concierge Champions to Ultra-High Net-Worth Sector

Top Doctor in Concierge Medicine and P.I.C. Founder, Dr. Shira Miller, M.D. The Integrative Center for Health & Wellness A Concierge Holistic Medical Practice in Sherman Oaks, CALIF.

Shira Miller, M.D. | Sherman Oaks, CA | Integrative Medicine | Learn More …

Dr. Shira Miller is the Founder and Medical Director of The Integrative Center for Health & Wellness in Newport Beach, CA. Her initial board certification was in internal medicine but in 2006 she branched out to integrative medicine, with a focus on menopause, hormone replacement therapy for men and women, and concierge medicine. Dr. Miller has worked as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) for an ambulance service and the UCSD Hyperbaric Chamber, as a clinical research consultant at Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute, as an urgent care physician at the VA Oakland Outpatient Clinic, and as an integrative physician at San Francisco Preventive Medical Group, Cenegenics, and the Hall Center.

Dr. Miller is also the Founder/President of Physicians for Informed Consent. Dr. Miller has been a supporter of Americans for Free Choice in Medicine since 1995, and of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons since 2006. Since 2005, she has been a member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM), and was on its Board of Directors from 2009-2013. Also, in 2009, she was Chairperson of ACAM’s Student and Resident Program.

Dr. Michael Monaco, the head doctor for the Kansas City Chiefs and a former Jefferson City Jays football player, holds the Lombardi Trophy Feb. 2 after the Chiefs won the Super Bowl. (Credit: News Tribune)

Michael Monaco, M.D. | Sports Medicine, Internal Medicine | Overland Park, KS | Learn More …

“I have strived to create a practice environment that is unhurried, friendly and comfortable where my patients feel welcome and never rushed. My practice style has always been to try to provide comprehensive medical care to my patients by listening to all of their concerns while demonstrating compassion and patience. Ten years ago, the US healthcare system was declared “broken” and it has not improved. Fixes that are needed have not materialized. Premiums are increasing and the hassles for both patients and physicians keep rising. We all know how medicine should be. I invite you to see how medicine can be and is being practiced everyday at my office.”


Nationally Renowned Cardiologist, Kimberly Parks, MD, Establishes Groundbreaking Concierge Practice: Synergy Private Health

Dr. Kimberly Parks | Chestnut Hill, MA | Internal Medicine, Cardiology and Advanced Heart Failure and Transplantation | Learn More …

Dr. Parks is a Harvard-trained clinician, educator and researcher who is passionate about providing enhanced care using a holistic approach with wellness at its core. She holds three board certifications: Internal Medicine, Cardiology and Advanced Heart Failure and Transplantation, and has been practicing in the Boston community for over 10 years. Dr. Parks has extensive experience managing and treating complex medical problems, and through this, became interested in ways to prevent disease and optimize health. Dr. Parks launched her concierge program with Castle Connolly Private Health Partners in 2017.

Nationally Renowned Cardiologist, Kimberly Parks, MD, Establishes Groundbreaking Concierge Practice: Synergy Private Health

At Synergy Private Health, Dr. Parks uses an integrative approach to health management: to help address existing conditions and enhance wellness through prevention and lifestyle support. With the evolution of our complex medical system, she believes it’s time to put caring into health and health into healthcare.

Ronald Primas, MD

Dr. Ronald Primas | Learn More …

“There’s a lot of hysteria going on and I can understand their fears,” Dr. Primas said. “I tell them that not everyone will need a ventilator, that there are other airway devices that might be available but a lot of my patients are still scared.”[*]

  • Internist; Travel Medicine Credentialed; Clinical Tropical Medicine; Home Care & Preventive Medicine Specialist

Dr. Ronald Primas is a Castle Connolly Top Doctor whose specialty is Internal Medicine and is located in New York, NY. Dr. Primas is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians, an honor achieved by their peers for personal integrity, superior competence in internal medicine, professional accomplishment and demonstrated scholarship. He is also a Fellow of the American College of Preventive Medicine and is dedicated to promoting health and reducing the risks of preventable disease, injury and disability. He is a Clinical Instructor of Medicine at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine and an Attending Physician in the Department of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital and Beth Israel Medical Center.

Dr. Jeffrey Puglisi, Glenville Medical Concierge Care

Jeffrey Puglisi, M.D. | Greenwich, CT | Internal Medicine | Learn More …

Dr. Jeffrey Puglisi, Board certified in Internal Medicine, is a founding partner of Glenville Medical Concierge Care. Dr. Puglisi’s specialized clinical interests are in men’s health and cardiovascular disease prevention. He has served as President of the Greenwich Medical Society since 2006 and was recognized as a finalist for the Melville G. Magida Humanitarian Award in 2010. He earned his undergraduate degree from Franklin & Marshall College, medical degree from Hahnemann University School of Medicine, and completed his residency in internal medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, where he served as chief resident.

Dr. Ken Redcross | Eastchester, NY | Internal Medicine | Learn More …

Board-Certified Internal Medicine, he takes an integrative, holistic approach to wellness.

Dr. Ken Redcross

“After 20 years of practicing, these are the things that one learns along the way that helpsed me focus on my medical life purpose. Expanding out from an office has allowed me to reach others and their souls on a larger scale than what I would have been able to do in an office every day.”

“When dealing with a patient’s health is it much more than what we see physically. It also has to do with the mind, relationships, jobs or our own personal centeredness, why we are here and what our purpose is and how that directly impacts our health. By creating a safe place, the doctor-patient bond is reinforced, opening up more opportunities for healing.”

Dr. Tiffany Sizemore-Ruiz, D.O., F.A.C.C. | Ft. Lauderdale, FL | Learn More …

She is an assistant clinical professor of three medical schools where she teaches cardiology in the classroom as well as carries a private teaching service at a level 1 trauma center. She also serves as a medical advisor at a law firm in Fort Lauderdale for medical malpractice and product liability cases.

Dr. Tiffany Sizemore-Ruiz, D.O., F.A.C.C. Dr. T is known for giving a little tough love, but she cares immensely for her patients. She truly treats every patient as if they were a family member, and will always give advice based upon that ideal.

Dr. Sizemore lectures around the country to other doctors on various topics including domestic violence and prevention of medical errors. She is regarded in her community as a five star doctor and has received many awards for outstanding patient care and patient dedication. She is the immediate past president for the American Heart Association of South Florida and currently serves on the Scientific Advisory Board for the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States.

  • Quadruple board-certified in:
    • Cardiology;
    • Internal Medicine;
    • Echocardiography; &
    • Nuclear Cardiology

Because of her ability to help people understand complex medical issues, Dr. Sizemore has been a regular on national media outlets including Fox News and Fox Business, serving as a medical expert on various topics. More than anything, Dr. Sizemore enjoys educating her patients and the public about how to prevent cardiovascular disease. She believes that smiles are contagious and sometimes the best medicine is a simple hug. Mostly, she lives her life by one rule: Be nice.

Suzanne Ferree Turner, MD, FAARM, ABAARM | Roswell, GA | Family Medicine | Learn More …

Dr. Turner, a Concierge Medicine Physician and Founder of Vine Medical

Dr. Turner is the founder of Vine Medical Associates. Double Board Certified in Family Medicine and AntiAging and Regenerative Medicine, her thriving practice caters to the needs of the North Fulton Community. Practicing Functional Medicine, Dr. Turner has special interests and experience in bioidentical hormone therapy, metabolic medicine, neurodegenerative disease, and human performance optimization. Dr. Turner is also the leading expert in peptide therapy in the Southeast.Among her many accomplishments, Dr. Turner served our troops as a physician in the U.S. Navy for several years. Prior to her tour of duty, she did an internship in general surgery, then completed her residency at Emory University. In addition to her Fellowship from the American Academy of Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine, she earned Advanced Certification in both Endocrinology and Peptide Therapy.

Dr. Turner is an award-winning teacher of medical students and physicians on the Faculty of Emory University, AAAARM, IPS, and ACAM. She has been featured on several podcasts including Jay Campbell, Relentless Vitality, and SuperHuman Radio Network. She spends her free time managing her urban farm and cooking, building, reading, and exercising with her husband Chip and their 3 daughters.Dr. Turner is a Fellow of the American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine.

“Health is far more than just the absence of disease and our healthcare arsenal requires far more than a barrage of tests and a prescription pad. To be “LifeScaped” is a transformative experience involving listening, engaging, collaborating and reawakening hope.” ~Susan WIlder, MD

Dr. Susan Wilder | Learn More …

Dr. Wilder is Board-Certified in Family Medicine and a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner. She earned a Certificate of Added Qualifications in Sports Medicine, has advanced training in Clinical Genomics, completed a fellowship in Faculty Development at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and attended the Air Force’s School of Aerospace Medicine. She studied meditation with Deepak Chopra, brain health with Dr. Daniel Amen, human motivation with Tony Robbins, and Functional Medicine with Dr. Mark Hyman. Dr. Wilder has served on the faculty of the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences, and the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine. She currently teaches medical students from The University of Arizona and Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine & Health Sciences.

Dr. Susan Wilder on Vaccination Updates and How to Help Protect Staff From the Coronavirus

J. Catherine Sykes serves as the CEO/Publisher of Concierge Medicine Today (CMT)

“We are proud of the physicians named to this year’s ‘Top Doctors in Concierge Medicine’ list,” said Catherine Sykes, Publisher of Concierge Medicine Today. “The listed physicians, are singular representatives of a modern era of healthcare delivery that is representative of old-fashioned values. These physicians and their staff, in our opinion, provide some of the most innovative approaches, ideas, educational treatments and therapies available to patients today. Together, with their healthcare teams, they are bringing patient-care and affordable access to their communities in a new level of excellence.”

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Criteria Evaluated for CMT’s “TOP DOCS” 2020-2021 Recognition and Nomination Includes (but is not limited to…)

  • Patient Survey/Reviews Received By CMTs Nomination Application
  • Wait-Time Evaluation
  • Staff/Employee Surveys
  • Use of Innovative Healthcare Technologies
  • Appropriate Use and Communication of Social Media Platforms
  • Educational Efforts (ie. about Concierge Medicine and their Specialties/Interests)
  • Education and Continued Learning/Further Areas of Study/Interests To Enhance Patient Care
  • Patient Ratings/Reviews Since Entering a Concierge Care Model
  • Value-Added Services Inside Their Practice
  • Innovative Services/Marketing
  • Charitable Participation Efforts In Their Local Community
  • Medical Influence and Spokesperson
  • Peer Recognition/Nomination Received By CMTs Nomination Application
  • Social Influence
  • Community Involvement

No where in Healthcare does “Hospitality” and “Kindness” shine and glow more brilliantly than in Concierge Medicine. We asked the best of the best Concierge Doctors what they believe “Radical Hospitality” looks like in their practice — 2020 CONCIERGE MEDICINE FORUM coming to ATLANTA, GA USA – SEPTEMBER 24-26, 2020 — LEARN MORE & REGISTER ….

“Two notable observations we encountered throughout our entire review process was related to patient comments received prior to transition and staff issues— which seem to plague most medical offices, even those inside the four walls of a Concierge Medicine practice,” said Tetreault. “A physicians reputation in the public and online is dramatically different from the patient reviews they may receive prior to a physicians entry into Concierge Medicine vs. after the conversion. Many [physicians] go from zero to hero in the eyes of their patients in a matter of weeks or months. We have also noticed that the physicians staff and their individual attitudes towards patients still remains a sore spot among the doctor’s and patients concerns. Even post-transition, when physicians are well into managing their Concierge Medicine members … managing staff inappropriately can impact the clinic’s annual patient retention and ultimately, their bottom line. However, it is amazing what can be accomplished when Physicians walk this healthcare delivery process out and into their own communities. It is only now, that when we are able to look back and track these dramatic career moves of physicians that we see why so many patient experiences make so much sense.”

For many years now there have been a growing number of physicians in secondary Concierge Medicine specialties which include: Pediatric Concierge Medicine; Gynecology; Dentistry; Cardiology; Addiction and Recovery Medicine; Dermatology; General Surgery; Spine Surgery; Oncology and others.

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These specialty practices usually offer the same immediate access, longer appointments, and a proactive health focus similar to primary care concierge practices. Some also offer home visits. Specialists usually limit their practices to a smaller number of patients -150-300 compared to the more typical 300-750 patients for primary care. They also tend to have patients who have chronic conditions.

“What physicians and healthcare professionals are learning and observing in the Concierge Medicine space is having an impact on the entire healthcare ecosystem across the U.S. and abroad,” said Tetreault. “From in-depth, 90-minute intake visits with your doctor, 30 to 60-minute follow-up visits at your convenience to the use of advanced genomic testing and lifestyle coaching, Concierge Medicine physicians don’t accept the status quo. Patient Satisfaction in the field remains exceptionally high and attitudes toward Concierge Medicine have undergone significant and positive changes since the signature of the Affordable Care Act in 2010.”

Listen to Full Interview EP. 169 | DocPreneur Podcast | Meet Dr. John Kihm, Mission Medicine and Concierge Medicine Working Together

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Why Do Patients Love or Leave A Concierge Medicine Physician?

“Although Concierge Medicine started out as a concept for the affluent nearly 20 years ago, over time, the movement has taken a clearly middle-class turn,” says Tetreault. “Today, we can see impressions of old-fashioned medical care where a doctor carries a medical bag into your home or visits you when you’re in the hospital because it’s simply the right thing to do. However, we also see and hear reports each week that administrative support staff inside these unique healthcare delivery environments and traditional, non-Concierge style environments continue to be a challenge for physicians to overcome. Moreover, patients leave their physician after many years not because of something the physician did or did not do, but because of the staff. In the past several years, we see that there are countless people searching for these types of doctors every day. From the mid 1990’s to present day, Concierge Medicine has matured into countless service variations within our local communities. Annual fees today reflect the level of personal attention and service that a doctor provides and noticeably, patients are deciding to make a personal investment in their own healthcare.”

Industry sources from within Concierge Medicine confirm there are probably around 5,000 to 20,000 private medicine physicians nationally according to the independent industry trade publication, Concierge Medicine Today. Why the numbers conundrum? Well, since there is no federal registry or official national database of these physicians, it is difficult to accurately estimate a precise number. These figures still only represent a minute percentage of the roughly 1,005,295 total licensed physicians* in the U.S.,[1] that actively practice medicine today. Industry experts and observers tell Concierge Medicine Today that growth in the provision of subscription private medicine services has been primarily in internal medicine and family medicine, although specialty physician participation is on the rise. Concierge Medicine Today also cautions that there is no way that Internet searches and polling on the Internet can or will result in an accurate head count of these subscription-based business model physicians. Therefore, it is left up to industry examiners, physicians and thought leaders in the space, to accurately estimate and educate others about the history and future of this private medical space.

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According to Concierge Medicine Today, long-term data on these particular subscription-based Patients is still being compiled. Further analysis is encouraged and supported by marketplace consultants and physicians. More data to support these common observations should be analyzed and published. Based upon observation of these trends year after year, these [Concierge] practices are reporting levels or percentages at or exceeding traditional primary care and family practice patient retention and care expectations.

“In order to prevent doing harm in medical practices, we need to decrease the number of patients that each doctor cares for daily to give him/her the time to adequately address the patients needs, be able to critically think about each clinical situation, and coordinate care with other practitioners if needed,” says one Concierge Medicine Physician from Connecticut. “It’s not “fair” to patients to rush them in-and-out of the office, merely treating symptoms without getting to the root cause of their complaints.  Building a trusting relationship with patients is at the core of what concierge doctors do on a daily basis.  I’m hopeful that every young physician sees a future in which they can practice high-level medical care, achieve a work-life balance, and form a bond with their patients that will last a lifetime.”

What Hospitality & Service Industries Are Influencing Concierge Medicine?

“When healthcare is looking for innovation and ideas about unique care delivery, they often start by observing what’s happening in Concierge Medicine,” concludes Tetreault. “Today, it’s no secret that the patient experience in Concierge Medicine is unique and different. Patient Fatigue is real. Physician burnout is real. And helping one gives rise to helping the other. Today, when a Patient feels appreciated they will do more than is expected. When a Physician unites hearts and hands around these ideals … you’ll find a Patient and their Doctor engaged and beginning to do for one what they wish they could do for everyone. It’s a place where Doctors become valued by every individual Patient in the practice. Healthcare organizations of the future are now leaning in and learning about this field of Concierge Medicine and studying it. They’re finding ways in which these unique ideas can be implemented into their communities and medical practice environments. That is a beautiful thing.”

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About Concierge Medicine Today

Concierge Medicine Today (CMT) is a news organization and the Concierge Medicine industry’s oldest national trade publication for the Concierge Medicine and Membership Medicine marketplace. Its web site is the online destination for businesses, consumers, physicians, legislators, researchers and other stakeholders to learn about the history of this industry, various business aspects of the marketplace, trends, breaking news and more that drives the conversation that Concierge Medicine and free market healthcare delivery is creating on a national and international level.

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Source: [*;1] Kaiser Family Foundation; March 2019; Total Professionally Active Physicians in the United States; Data includes currently active allopathic physicians (MDs) and osteopathic physicians (DOs);,%22sort%22:%22asc%22%7D.

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Physician nominations are received through either an online nomination form, verbal or electronic communication. No Doctor(s) pays a fee and are not paid to be listed. Today, as in years past, it is a list which is respected by the medical profession and patients alike as a source of quality information. This does not constitute an endorsement by Concierge Medicine Today — but a recognition of the work these Physicians are doing in their community and business. If you have any questions about these physicians, their services, etc., please contact the doctor or doctor’s office directly. Concierge Medicine Today uses its best efforts to gather the information that is available and use it effectively. Ultimately, however, it is the professional judgment of the Concierge Medicine Today editors, the Managing Director and Publisher, which determines Concierge Medicine Today’s ‘Top Doctors In Concierge Medicine’ selection. If you have any questions about these physicians, their services, etc., please contact the doctor or doctor’s office directly. The editors, publisher, distributors, Concierge Medicine Today, LLC., its related, affiliated or subsidiary companies, stress that since the details of an individual’s personal health situation are fact-dependent, in no event shall any of our representatives or affiliated companies be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages or financial costs arising out of the use of any of the physicians on this list.


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