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Southern-California Based AccessElite Pivots And Thrives Amidst Pandemic; Helps Nationwide Businesses Acclimate And Succeed With The First Corporate Engagement And Cultural Well-Being Platform-As-A-Service


AccessElite Delivers The First Total Well-Being Virtual Platform Offering One-Stop Shop for Comprehensive Physical, Mental, Emotional and Social Support for Employees

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., April 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — AccessElite launched commercially in January 2020 with a handful of clients just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States.  The company’s original vision was to operate as an on-site corporate events and well-being membership organization to small businesses (SMB) and enterprises nationwide.  With only seven weeks of doing business, like so many other industries, AccessElite was faced with the major challenge of survival due to quarantine with most employees in select industries  predominantly working from home.

CMT SPOTLIGHT: Jenna Mons Anderson, CEO of AccessElite | Role of Connected Technology and Our Health

The AccessElite leadership team, led by female entrepreneur, visionary and CEO Jenna Anderson, understood they had to completely change their business model and pivot in order to survive.  After a few short months of extreme dedication and focus, and based on their already dynamic, robust network and established tech platform, AccessElite relaunched in June 2020.  The company recognized that “virtual is the new norm,” and they intended to quickly help companies transform and keep employees satisfied and engaged, while maintaining, if not increasing, productivity through the pandemic and beyond.

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AccessElite’s new innovative mission and undeniable astute pivot during this ever-changing virtual business world:  The first-of-its kind, turn-key virtual Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for corporate well-being, offering personalized experiences for businesses and their employees to improve the organization’s culture and overall engagement.  Their mission was to focus on the four pillars of corporate well-being:  Physical, mental, emotional and social service offerings.

“2020 brought a whole new meaning to working from home, and most believe now that a flexible or permanent working from home model is here to stay.  Current statistics show that 48% of employees expect to see policy changes to extend work from home post-pandemic.  And 39% of employees say they want to always or usually work from home,” said Anderson. “Based on our original model and offerings, as well as our passion and understanding of the well-being market, we went back to the drawing board and knew that companies needed to shift and transform to keep their employees engaged, productive and happy.  We also knew that our solution had to be dynamic, interactive and create better efficiencies in order to offer significant value for our customers and the marketplace.  So, we created our own custom-curated content platform, and set out to change the way that companies approach employee engagement and culture development.”

From June to December of 2020, Anderson and her team worked with roughly 100 companies around the country, and increased sales by 300%, all the while helping their clients transform their businesses and continue to excel through the pandemic.  More important than that though, AccessElite curated programming that positively impacted thousands of people’s lives during a very challenging time.  Today, AccessElite’s business continues to grow,  and Anderson is confident that the company will achieve a phenomenal  end-of-year revenue goal and continue working with a robust line-up of new customers throughout 2021 and beyond.

“We are proud to say that AccessElite is a leader in comprehensive corporate well-being and that we have helped our customers transform and establish new ways of connecting, engaging and ultimately succeeding in their business.  The pandemic brought us many challenges, but we also know that the global business climate has changed and will continue to change.  AccessElite is poised to help as many companies as possible adapt, evolve and succeed with our comprehensive network of providers, our ready-made platform and our commitment to corporate well-being, diversity and culture development,” concluded Anderson.

AccessElite — One-Stop Shop for Corporate Virtual Well Being:

  • Unlimited Virtual Classes, Events and Experiences:  Well-being programming spanning mindfulness, mental health, fitness, nutrition, art, parenting and more.  These include daily live wellness classes, on-demand content based on fitness, mindfulness, general health and family content.  Tele-Well appointments are also offered, with remote, same-day appointments to more than 500 health and wellness specialists nationwide.
  • Team Building:  Connecting teams virtually from anywhere in the world (perhaps for the first time), to build corporate culture and trust, get to know each other and have some fun.  These activities include team events, celebratory events and all-hands events.  These include virtual holiday celebrations, motivational speaker series, sales meetings and a wide array of activities that allow the business to bring joy and connect their teams.
  • Corporate Challenges:  Motivate teams through engagement challenges to create a positive impact while maintaining connection across the organization.
  • Health, Wellness and Culture Fairs:  AccessElite offers turnkey day-long, week-long and month-long interactive and highly engaging fairs.

AccessElite is based in Newport Beach, California.  The company is dedicated to changing the way companies approach employee engagement and culture development. For more information on AccessElite, follow the company on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, or visit

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