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Telehealth Trends: 55 Statistics That Show Increasing Adoption – CometChat

By Nabeel Keblawi

Telehealth usage had been steadily growing among hospitals, clinics, patients and doctors even before the new coronavirus outbreak began in December 2019. Once stay-at-home orders were imposed around the world throughout 2020, these underlying telehealth trends have only accelerated.

Hospitals and clinics have adopted new HIPAA-compliant text and video technologies to conduct virtual visits instead of in-person appointments, allowing doctors to see more patients while patients save over an hour and half of their own time per visit.

In this article, we’ve dug up the most interesting stats for the telehealth industry, which indicate telehealth is an ongoing revolution, not just a pandemic-driven fad.

Top 7 most remarkable statistics of telehealth industry trends

  1. Medicare primary care visits conducted virtually have increased 350-fold to 43.5% from a pre-pandemic level of just over 0.1% (HHS).
  1. Nearly 75% of all doctor, urgent care, and ER visits are either unnecessary or could be handled safely and effectively over the phone or video (American Medical Association).



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