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CMT CANADA: Putting the Pharmacy in the Palm of Your Hand, Meet UBACARE







VANCOUVER, BC, May 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – The recent launch of the UBACARE website represents a significant new milestone in the evolution of online medicine.

By creating the first hi-tech mobile concierge for health, medical and pharmacy services, UBACARE has created an entirely new way to access medical care. Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, their team places patient convenience and quality of service at the root of their philosophy.

Using a patient-focused approach, UBACARE is dedicated to providing the tools and resources necessary for clients to get themselves on a path to better long-term health. Now, customized, high-quality care is cheaper, more convenient and more accessible than ever before.

UBACARE’s team of pharmacy and medical professionals are able to serve customers in both Canada or the United States, and provide low-cost pharmaceutical products at savings of up to 90%. Along with automated refills and reminders, prescriptions transfers, medication reviews, virtual pharmacist consultations, real-time insurance billing and a price-match guarantee, UBACARE also can also easily connect clients with referrals to medical specialists and allied healthcare professionals.

“The pandemic has reinforced the ongoing need to provide medical care and pharmacy services in the most convenient, accessible and safe way possible. Many large chain pharmacies have failed to eliminate the hassles and inconveniences experienced by patients, so we stepped in,” says Lyle McDonough, the CEO of UBACARE.

“On the other hand, we have used both pharmacy management technology and provider-patient, app and web based interactions to provide same-hour or same-day doctor visits and prescription shipping for the patient. Essentially, we eliminate the hassles of scheduling and visiting a doctor’s office or driving to a pharmacy to pick up your prescription medication.”

More than a simple streamlining of the prescription filling and delivery process, clients gain access to a partner that is fully dedicated to managing all aspects of their health. By connecting patients with life-saving medicines and medical advice at the click of a button, UBACARE is now doing what pharmacies should have been doing all along.

Join UBACARE today for a pharmacy experience reimagined for the 21st century.


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