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June 30, 12-12:30pm ET | Free Demo EBM Clinical Search Tool Using A.I. for Analysis

Dear Physician,

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Evidenza.Solutions is a cutting-edge medical solutions company that brings together forerunner technologies and innovative healthcare services to the private and public medical community, their patients, and any other Disciplines who need to know the Evidence for the best treatments.

Through Evidenza, Physicians will have access to a comprehensive database of medical outcomes data. This robust database includes outcomes information from:

  • clinical trials;
  • published clinical studies;
  • FDA drug labels and
  • epidemiological databases.

The user-friendly reporting and robust database search engine make finding, reviewing and reading the latest medical evidence accessible, readable, and relevant. Together with its partners in EBM-A.I., Evidenza uses this technology on behalf of physicians and patients to curate meaningful and useable information. This enables you to recommend the best proven treatments, therapies and diagnostics based upon evidence, not opinion.

As a the Medical Doctor seeking the best treatment for your Patients, you will have the very best Evidence available through our academic research access program.

You may draft and refine a search strategy; engage with an evidence base through data visualization tools; and save a search for real-time evidence-based reporting/results. Evidenza’s search tool will provide Physicians, residents doing research and your Patients with clinical evidence documenting superior outcomes and efficacy of recommended treatments and/or medications.

We offer a Free 20 min Demonstration on the use and benefits of our Database to you and your Team. Participants are under no obligation for checking out our live demo. I invite your and your Team to check out our web page: for more information about Evidenza.

Thank you for your interest in EBM-A.I. Search and for taking such great care of your communities.

Most Sincerely,

Jerry Robinson
Tel. (770) 757-6695

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