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CMT SPOTLIGHT: Executive Medicine of Texas Physician Uses Pandemic Time to Complete Master’s Degree in Public Health

Executive Medicine of Texas encourages all employees to continue their education. This encouragement comes from the top, as leadership is leading by example.

Not only did the business grow exponentially during a pandemic, but so did the staff.”

— Judy Gaman, CEO

DALLAS, TX, US, June 22, 2021 / — James Mark Anderson, MD, MPH, completed his degree in Public Health from the University of Michigan in May. “While the process started prior to the pandemic, it was a unique time to be working on a public health degree. As a founder of Executive Medicine, I practice in the private sector of medicine, but everything I learned will help me help my patients. It’s always beneficial to step back and look at the bigger picture.”

In January 2019, Judy Gaman, the CEO of Executive Medicine of Texas, launched the 2020 plan. It was a two-year plan in which the practice focused on improving the patient experience the first year and focused on personal improvement the second year. “I was pleasantly surprised to see just how effective the plan was. Not only did the business grow exponentially during a pandemic, but so did the staff.” Prior to announcing the plan, Judy Gaman chose to lead by example and enrolled in Harvard Extension School, earning a Certificate in Strategic Management in January 2021. “I wanted to push myself, so that others would encourage to push themselves. It was five semesters, but it was well worth it, both personally and professionally,” says Gaman.

Staff, including Rena’ Hartley, their Clinical Administrator, is on track for educational growth as well. Hartley is working towards a Healthcare Management Degree from Western Governors University. “The partial educational reimbursement from the company has been extremely helpful. Furthering my education is gratifying and the skills I learn in the classroom have a direct correlation to the way I manage in the office.”

The pandemic slowed things down for most people, but not for those in the medical field. The leadership and staff at Executive Medicine have all had to adapt and pivot accordingly. While many of them are obtaining more formal education, they all received an unofficial degree in flexibility.

About: Founded in 2005, Executive Medicine of Texas has become a leader in preventative and proactive medicine. Patients fly in from around the globe to partake in their many programs, which include: Executive half-day physical exams, Age Management programs, and Concierge Medicine packages.

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