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CMT SPOTLIGHT: Hawaii Certified COVID-19 PCR Testing Service Announced by House Call Doctor Los Angeles

The Los Angeles-based medical service says that it’s excited to be offering services to facilitate safe travel this summer.

Dr. Michael Farzam’s House Call Doctor Los Angeles provides mobile medical care in the Greater Los Angeles area.

House Call Doctor Los Angeles is proud to announce its new Hawaii-certified COVID-19 PCR testing service. As an approved partner of the State of Hawaii’s Trusted Testing and Travel Partners Program, House Call Doctor Los Angeles is able to provide its patients with fast PCR results that authorize healthy travelers to visit Hawaii. The Los Angeles-based medical concierge service says it is excited to be a part of the process of helping area residents enjoy their summer vacations safely.

Board-certified internist Dr. Michael Farzam of House Call Doctor Los Angeles says testing services are not just for individuals traveling to Hawaii. He says the service has both COVID PCR and rapid antigen testing services available for travelers visiting any destination. By providing travelers with fast access to testing and results, Dr. Farzam says any healthy individual can travel without having to worry about quarantining once they reach their destination.

Dr. Farzam says that in addition to getting tested for COVID before traveling, getting vaccinated and continuing to follow local health guidelines is the best way for everyone to ensure a happier and healthier summer. The physician notes that some COVID protocols in Southern California may differ from local guidelines in the state of Hawaii or elsewhere, so travelers should be sure to research what the ordinances will be at their destinations.

About House Call Doctor Los Angeles

House Call Doctor Los Angeles provides house call and concierge medical services to patients across Los Angeles, bringing outstanding healthcare directly to the comfort of their home, office, or hotel. Its board-certified physician, Dr. Michael Farzam, has been a leader in his field for over 10 years.

One important benefit of taking advantage of House Call Doctor Los Angeles is a more personalized approach to medicine. While doctors are frequently pressured to keep visits as brief as possible, Dr. Farzam spends an average of 40 minutes with each of his patients. This allows him to fully address his patients’ questions and concerns while also reaching a more accurate diagnosis and a more effective treatment when needed.

Readers interested in learning more about board-certified physician Dr. Michael Farzam and the services of House Call Doctor Los Angeles can call (310) 849-7991 or visit those specifically interested in PCR and other types of COVID-19 testing can visit


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