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Updated! More 2021 National Conference in Concierge Medicine Sponsors Come on Board, Atlanta, GA USA October 21-23, 2021!

Once upon a time there was a version of medicine that was practically . . . irresistible. A conference FOR Doctors that are FOR Patients.


Concierge Medicine Today (CMT) is pleased to host a national and international gathering of Physicians, PAs, RNs, FNPs, Team Members and Healthcare Worker Spouses from various specialties & backgrounds in Atlanta for a 2-day transformation in healthcare delivery Conference in Atlanta, GA on Thursday, October 21 – Saturday, October 23, 2021.


Forsyth Conference Center
3410 Ronald Reagan Blvd
Cumming, GA 30041



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(Spouse and Groups of 3 or More, Discounts Available)



The premier annual industry trade conference organized by Concierge Medicine Today, LLC., (CMT) the Concierge Medicine Forum features presentations, workshops and discussions around a plethora of healthcare topics such as: the legal forecast of precision medicine; concierge medicine model faqs; private direct medicine and DPC model speakers; legal & compliance landscape breakout and general sessions, sponsorship presentations in healthcare; new precision medicine & evidence tools which intersect with the practice of concierge medicine; new research on important and timely healthcare topics; amplified patient engagement & growth: how to use social determinants and psychographic segmentation to build your practice; industry trends; stroke detection & carotid arterial health: new advancements & research; and more. It is attended annually by Physicians across the U.S. and by Physicians and healthcare professionals abroad in countries from: Japan; United Kingdom; Czech Republic; Australia; and Canada. CMT and its leadership have been responsible for the Conference’s steady growth to more than 300+ attendees, 80+ speakers, 100+ hours of content; 25+ companies and scores of healthcare experts invited and attending the event(s) each year.

2021 SPONSORS & Exhibitor Details

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FAQs, Refunds, Etc.

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October 2021 Topics Will Include:

  • Interior Design Inside a Medical Practice
  • New Rules of Digital Tech & Telehealth Engagement
  • Adding New Lines of Revenue to Your Medical Practice
  • Marketing And Growing Your Practice
  • Mental Health Strategies to Cope With Burnout & Fatigue
  • Legal and Compliance Update: Medicare; Payors; Cash-Only Models
  • Exit Strategies: A Physician’s Retirement Strategy and Planning Tools
  • Financial Professionals Share Their Insights With Doctors On Managing the “Business of Medicine”
  • The Practice of Medicine and Telemedicine, Post-COVID, Really!
  • How to Better Support the Physician-Spouse
  • A.I. Integration Into Healthcare
  • Navigating Payor/Insurance Issues
  • Managing the Trust and Expectations of High-Need Patients
  • Handling H.R. Hot Topics In Your Practice (Hiring; Retaining Staff; Letting Go of Medical Office Staff)
  • Medical Marijuana Safety and Data/Research
  • Better Tax Preparation/Organization For My Practice Come Tax Season
  • Marketing/Promoting Your Practice
  • Immunotherapy Advancements
  • Hybrid Concierge Care Models
  • Implementing Genomics into Medicine
  • Reporting Tools in Precision Medicine
  • Evaluating Clinical Decision Support Tools for Genomic Care In Your Practice
  • Social Prescribing Medical Research Presentations
  • Behavior-focused Studies & Evidence Based Practice Design
  • Medical Marijuana Safety & Effectiveness
  • Practically Applying and Using Genomic Medicine in the Clinic
  • Pharmacogenomics Testing
  • Determine if Pharmacogenomic (PGx) data improves care
  • How to Better Handle Employee Conflict
  • Performance Standards in Concierge Care
  • Research, Vitamins/Supplements
  • Effectiveness & Safety
  • Delivery Design & Strategies
  • Osteopathic Concierge Care
  • Hospital-based Concierge Medicine Models
  • Managing anxious, demanding, or dependent patients
  • Entrepreneurship & the Business of Concierge Medicine
  • High Performance Diabetes Care
  • How to Navigate Patient Needs On the Phone Better
  • Functional Concierge Medicine
  • Develop ways to use evidence-based medicine data in routine care
  • Importance of Data Sharing and Data Privacy
  • High Cholesterol Treatment
  • Depression Research
  • Better Health Outcomes
  • and more.

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