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EP 361 | Health Insurance Isn’t All Bad FOR the Patient. What Is Health Insurance and Why Is It Important?

By Michael Tetreault, Editor-In-Chief Health Insurance. These two words bring up a plethora of emotion in our culture. For some it’s tension and brings back a flood of memories which influenced a career path you were on. For many, it emptied our pocket books and savings accounts. For a few, it has created a narrative that enables you to be a victim. And while you might be right, if we heard your story, we would all probably agree. What we can all agree on is that Patients need a tourniquet in their time of physical healing from the financial hemhorrage that awaits them weeks later in the mailbox and the bank account. They need relief. They need their Doctor to understand that perspective and not rally behind narratives that health insurance is all bad, all the time. For some people, health insurance is a welcome relief. In today’s special podcast edition, Host and Editor Michael Tetreault unpacks some alternative insights on What is healthcare? What is health insurance? And, why it is important? Like most things, though, health insurance is something we can easily learn more about and master the basics. Is it confusing? Yes. Is it important? Yes. Is it time to move past being a victim of it? Yes! So, let’s look at a few questions together, talk with a families who are drowning in medical debt yet grateful for the safety net that won’t cause them to lose their house.

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