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Transforming Your Cancer Journey

N1X10 is an oncologist-led service akin to the cancer patient’s guardian angel, that advocates for, educates, and empowers patients and their loved ones. N1X10 is backed by proprietary technology, a proven methodology, and a global team of medical experts. The service centralizes, organizes, and analyzes all patient data, both medical and personal, allowing visibility into the whole person, and enabling N1X10 to identify out-of-the-box treatment recommendations to improve quality of life and add years to the patient’s life. N1X10 does not treat the patient, but is 100% aligned to their needs and preferences, resulting in the patient’s voice becoming more influential in a healthcare system where protocol can limit their ability to receive the best possible care. In parallel, this service and platform will grow into a marketplace for cancer patients to find oncologist case managers, and qualifying case managers to access the methodology, tools, and network necessary to deliver the N1X10 caliber of service. N1X10 is an Israeli healthtech company founded in 2019 by Ran Goshen MD, PHD, who previously co-founded Eliaso, an exclusive global organization devoted to helping patients with life-threatening conditions. We provide unique and personalized Cancer Case Management services. LEARN MORE …

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