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Apple CEO Tim Cook has said the company’s greatest contribution to mankind will be in health. So far, some of its initiatives aimed at broadly disrupting the healthcare sector have struggled to gain traction.


Apple wants a slice of healthcare pie

By Carrington York, Editor at LinkedIn News | Updated 5 hours ago

Healthcare remains a significant area of interest and untapped potential for Apple. The company, backed by CEO Tim Cook’s desire for it to make a huge impact in the industry, had quietly begun planning its own primary-care medical service with Apple-employed doctors, according to the Wall Street Journal. Yet the effort has floundered, as Apple struggled to make the shift and instead leaned into developing more health features for the Apple Watch. Among the concerns: employees raised questions about the integrity of health data generated from the clinics. Apple’s struggles adds to the list of big tech’s failures to tap into the industry, including Xealth and Haven, Inc.’s high-profile partnership.


Russ Richmond Mass General Brigham Growth Board, CEO and Co-founder at Laudio

8 hours ago
Apple‘s attempts in the health sector are covered in The Wall Street Journal today. Struggling. Health is hard. RPM certainly holds massive promise as my friends at Validic know – 6 out of the top 10 health systems have embraced Validic’s RPM solution this past year. But we have a long way to go in the best-case scenario, and as of now, the Apple watch does not sense blood pressure or glucose or many of the indicators that will help manage chronic conditions. I cheer their efforts, it is heartening to see the largest company in the world apply its $20 billion R&D budget towards improving healthcare, but also predict we will waiting some time until Cupertino makes a dent. They can always just acquire OneMedical Group or take another M&A-focused strategy, but I am curious, with today’s hardware, could an Apple clinic be truly differentiated when so much of the secret sauce is the process, not tech?

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