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Aspiring “Docpreneurs” find solutions to industry challenges thru Concierge Medicine Today’s Online & in-person opportunities, guiding you & your practice in enhancing the patient experience— Join the DocPreneur Leadership Academy

Example of CMTs live and pre-scheduled Physician Master Classes, podcast interviews, exclusive events and topical webinars and more happening each day, week and month inside CMTs DocPreneur Leadership Academy #FORDoctors and your team … JOIN HERE TODAY  …


Aspiring “Docpreneurs” find solutions to industry challenges thru Concierge Medicine Today’s Online & in-person opportunities, guiding you & your practice in enhancing the patient experience— Join the DocPreneur Leadership Academy

JULY 2021 | ATLANTA, GA USA – Concierge Medicine Today, LLC, leadership team is pleased to provide a sneak-peak into the Online & in-person physician educational and course learning opportunities, guiding Physicians, their team and your practice towards enhancing the patient experience.

CLICK HERE TO JOIN CMTs “DOCPRENEUR LEADERSHIP ACADEMY” and view courses, online webinars, exclusive interviews with Physicians and more! GET STARTED HERE …

In 2014, Concierge Medicine Today began developing its catalog of courses FOR DOCTORS with leading experts in the healthcare community at-largte to provide Concierge Medicine and Private, Membership Medicine physicians and their key staff with expertise and insights to make more informed business decisions in the areas of their practice. With focus-areas specifically in: Concierge Medicine; Marketing Primary Care; Membership Medicine at-large; Direct to Employer Direct Primary Care and other unique subscription-based healthcare delivery models.

Concierge Medicine Today’s DocPreneur Leadership Academy now offers daily, weekly and monthly educational webinars, Master Classes, free and paid topical training podcast interviews and more.

“It is extremely important to us that each of our Doctors who join our members-only Physician and healthcare community continue to remain informed about innovative healthcare delivery models and get resourced at their own pace,” said Michael Tetreault, Editor of Concierge Medicine Today. “In turn, by creating a closed-community that has independence and no allegiance to one model, one company, or specific strategy … and with the help of you our Physicians readers, many physicians and business faculty, we can now provide objective, unbiased and independent perspective to those physicians exploring a career in this unique patient-centered, physician-focused space. I am personally very pleased with the growth and market receptivity that The Docpreneur Leadership Academy has shown over the past year. Since its initial launch in 2014, with Concierge Medicine Today and The Direct Primary Care Journal readers, we are now continuing to explore new opportunities to expand our Master Class content, focus on unique specialties and share this network of entrepreneurial education for the “DocPreneur Leader” more broadly with the healthcare community at-large. Through these daily, weekly and monthly creative collaborations and your support of our courses and events, we will continue to help physicians across the country and even around different parts of the world [eg. Japan, U.K., South America, Australia and Canada] we will continue to help move forward Doctors who desire to pursue their own “docpreneurial endeavors” in the delivery of healthcare.”

When you Join, You’ll receive the following within our community:

  • Over 100 hours of on-demand, easy-to-follow, guided video lessons, webinars and Master Classes spanning across different medical topics, covering everything from patient referral basics, to subscription-based medicine analysis & research, retirement and start-up insights, medical staff management & more (eg dependent upon which Membership Level you select)
  • Our On-Demand courses and Master Classes are a unique, self-paced learning experience featuring 365-day access to course content, including videos, weekly and monthly webinar resources, downloadable reference materials and audio podcasts.
  • On-Demand and Live coursewhich will actively engage you and inspire you with best practices powered by our unique brand of storytelling not taught at standard medical association or healthcare CME events.
  • Engagement Prompts – Our Daily Digest and weekly prompts get you out of my head and into action. Participate in chats, polls and other small-group activities with fellow participants.
  • Access to our vast amount of tools and learning resources that are at the core of our Network. You may find myself going back through articles, checklists, notes, webinars and comment archives routinely to fine-tune a certain skill or research a better way to implement a proven “system” that’s working well in other parts of great medical practices.
  • Connections To People In Healthcare Who Challenge You, Support You, And Cheer You On
  • Tools For Running & Growing Your Medical Practice
  • Our membership is diverse—hailing from all over healthcare, mainly across the U.S., but from other parts of the world as well. We’re seeing healthcare perspectives from different areas and unique fields, with different business models, with diverse patient demographics, and from different specialties.
  • Example of the live and scheduled FOR DOCTORS events happening each day, week and month inside CMTs DocPreneur Leadership Academy … JOIN HERE …

    Access to Quarterly Virtual Conferences (Free and Paid available)

  • Weekly DocPreneur Leadership Podcasts (Free)
  • Monthly Webinars (Free and Paid available)
  • The ability to … post about anything you’re feeling stuck on or any ideas you have brewing!
  • Weekly Virtual Medical-Business Breakfast Series’ (Free and Paid available)
  • Discounts to Our Annual, Live & In-Person Atlanta Conference
  • Private, dedicated online community platform so you can focus on learning & connecting without the distractions of social media
  • Access to Our Entire Catalog of Master Classes, Online, On-Demand, go-at-your-own pace online medical professional business & marketing courses
  • Access to our “Topic-Specific” Groups where our healthcare practitioner(s) members can make meaningful progress on their own schedule
  • Create connections to experienced with Physicians, specialists and entrepreneurial healthcare experts/leaders from all over the world who are as committed as you are to building an effective, sustainable, & profitable practice.


Concierge Medicine Today’s DocPreneur Leadership Academy (DLA) is an online community where ALL experienced medical professionals (… of any specialty!) come together to collaborate, learn, grow, share and ultimately level-up how they run their practice.

Our shared goal is to enhance the Patient Experience and bring the Physician and Patient closer together in creative ways. DLA helps you connect with other like-minded medical practices across the country that run smoothly, cause fewer headaches FOR Doctors, For team members, FOR Patients, and create unique spaces in medicine that you actually enjoy working at each day.

Our Core Expertise:

Exclusive access, insights and conversations about unique, patient-centered healthcare delivery models such as:

  • Understand the Pros and Cons of Concierge Medicine – Concierge Medicine, also known as retainer medicine, is a relationship between a patient and a primary care physician in which the patient pays an annual fee or retainer. This may or may not be in addition to other charges.
  • Further Explore Retail Healthcare & Convenient Care Clinics – Convenience is important these days. Generally speaking, Convenient Care Clinics operate within retail or grocery stores. They offer fast, convenient access to medical care, especially since you need to visit such stores anyway. No appointment is necessary, and the cost of care is advertised as being exceptionally low. Convenient Care clinics aren’t meant to replace your primary care physician. They are for people who can’t get into to see their physician.
  • Explore the growing industry of Telehealth Subscription Programs – Telemedicine and virtual care have quickly become important tools in caring for your patients. These subscription-based telehealth programs in the virtual technology space of healthcare may provide (but not limited to): On Demand Medical Care; Anytime, Anywhere Connection to a Licensed Healthcare Provider; TeleHealth programs are typically a monthly subscription service; Family coverage is often available; and more.
  • Learn more about the pros and cons of Direct Primary Care (DPC) – The Direct Primary Care (DPC) model is a practice and payment model where patients/consumers pay their physician or practice directly in the form of periodic payments for a defined set of primary care services.
  • Understanding the Direct Contracting (DC) Payment Model In DPC and Direct-to-Employer Contracting – Direct-to-provider contracts can take many different forms, some of which will work better than others for individual providers and employers. Alternatively, it might mean working with providers to establish onsite clinics, contracting directly with physicians to provide direct primary care (DPC), or developing a center of excellence (COE) model for specific procedures and/or conditions.
  • Dignitary Medicine (DM) and Dignitary Protective Medicine (DPM) – an emerging field of training that involves the specialized care of diplomats, heads of state, and other.
  • Understanding the Direct Contracting (DC) Payment Model, Medicare and Other Direct Contracting Entities (DCEs) Arrangements – Under these models, healthcare providers — which CMS calls “direct contracting entities,” or DCEs — will competitively bid to manage 100% of the Medicare Part A and Part B costs for a certain number of Medicare beneficiaries within a geographic region, starting at a minimum of 30,000 enrollees.

Choose a Memberhsip Level & Get Started On Your DocPreneur Journey Below!

  • If you want to feel like you’re not on an island all by yourself, then join.
  • If you want to connect and collaborate with other medical professionals who “get it” and you can bounce ideas off of, then join.
  • If you want steady reminders for how you can take what you’ve built in healthcare and make it stronger, more appealing to Patients, then join.


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