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2021 CMT Conference (ATLANTA) HOTEL ROOM BLOCK Discounts Expires In 1-Day!

2021 CMT Conference (ATLANTA) HOTEL ROOM BLOCK Discounts Expires Sept 30th at midnight!


The premier annual industry trade conference organized by Concierge Medicine Today, LLC., the 2021 Concierge Medicine Forum (OCTOBER 21-23, 2021) features nearly 40 speakers, dozens of in-depth, medical education presentations, pre-conference workshops and insightful discussions around a plethora of healthcare topics such as: the legal forecast of precision medicine; concierge medicine model faqs; private direct medicine and DPC model speakers; legal & compliance landscape breakout and general sessions, sponsorship presentations in healthcare; new precision medicine & evidence tools which intersect with the practice of concierge medicine; new research on important and timely healthcare topics; amplified patient engagement & growth: how to use social determinants and psychographic segmentation to build your practice; industry trends; stroke detection & carotid arterial health: new advancements & research; and more.

CMF is attended annually by Physicians across the U.S. and by Physicians and healthcare professionals abroad in countries from: Japan; United Kingdom; Czech Republic; Australia; and Canada.

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