Glenside primary care physician, Dr. Zachary Lyons, collaborates with Castle Connolly Private Health Partners, LLC to convert his practice to the concierge model, offering patients a more personalized approach to their care.

GLENSIDE, Pa., Oct. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Castle Connolly Private Health Partners, LLC (“CCPHP”), a leading membership-based (or “concierge”) medical practice conversion and support company, is pleased to announce its collaboration with Zachary Lyons, MD to create Lyons CCPHP, a concierge medicine program in conjunction with his existing family medicine practice, located 255 N. Easton Road in Glenside, Pennsylvania.

Establishing a strong patient-physician relationship
Dr. Zachary Lyons’ commitment to providing exceptional care for his patient base exceeds standard patient consults and routine medical advice. As a part of his mission to offer excellent medical care for his patients, Dr. Lyons has created, Lyons CCPHP, a membership program, designed to introduce services not provided through a patient’s health plan. Through this program, Dr. Lyons can take the time necessary to explore all non-standard health-related concerns in an unrushed environment. There is a focus on a more integrated and coordinated approach to help Member patients achieve better health and wellness by adding important enhancements. For example, Dr. Lyons will be reachable on a 24/7 basis through his custom, Member-exclusive telehealth app and telephone. Another very valuable enhancement is the opportunity to take part in the SENS Solution® Health Coaching Program which provides unlimited and customized support and education in between a Member’s patient visits, to help identify and resolve potential barriers to a healthier life. The SENS Solution® Health Coach will consult with Dr. Lyons and help Members achieve their wellness goals, one step at a time.

“My ultimate goal is to create an environment where my patients receive care that best suits their unique lifestyle and health goals. Research has shown that high-touch membership programs are not only vital for preventive care, but also can reduce healthcare costs and hospitalization rates,” says Dr. Lyons. “I am excited to be able to offer my patients a program that provides convenience, increased connectivity to me and an enhanced approach to address each individual’s wellness needs.”

A recent study found a statistically relevant 50% reduction in hospital admissions and a 28% reduction in per-member-per-month healthcare costs in a survey of Medicare-eligible patients in a high-touch care practice*. The increased connectivity with Dr. Lyons and additive support from personalized, unlimited health coaching sessions creates an environment where patients experience preventative care, rather than reactive, sick care.

The CCPHP Membership
The concierge (membership-based) model continues to be a rewarding experience for physicians and patients alike. The increased time and flexibility allow concierge physicians, like Dr. Lyons, to schedule patients for longer appointments, if desired, rather than the industry average office visit time of 11 minutes.

In addition to receiving extended appointment times, concierge patients of Lyons CCPHP receive a host of added amenities as Members, including 24/7 connectivity to Dr. Lyons via a customized telehealth app, same/next-day appointments with limited as possible wait times regardless if Members need to be seen urgently or simply require a follow-up visit, and a robust wellness program called the SENS Solution® Wellness Program powered by CCPHP.

Cultivating patient wellness and practicing preventative care are intrinsic to the approach of the concierge model. The increased conversations and time with patients that are part of this high-touch model of care creates an environment in which Dr. Lyons can deeply discuss medical histories with each of his patients.

The CCPHP Partnership
Castle Connolly Private Health Partners collaborates with top physicians nationwide to establish concierge medicine programs that deliver an unrivaled healthcare experience, while also empowering the Members to achieve their optimal wellbeing.

When patients become Members of Lyons CCPHP, they are invited to participate in the SENS Solution® Wellness Program, a CCPHP program crafted to improve Members’ overall wellbeing by focusing on the four pillars of health: sleep, exercise, nutrition, and stress management. The program offers a wide variety of Member benefits, the most popular being its personalized health coaching program available to Members at no additional cost.

The CCPHP Health Coaches work in tandem with Dr. Lyons to help Members reach their individual health goals. In a survey of CCPHP health coaching participants, 75 percent of Members with exercise-oriented goals reported behavioral changes after 2 or more health coaching sessions and 77 percent Members with nutrition-oriented goals reported behavioral changes after 2 or more coaching sessions.

Through his partnership with CCPHP, Dr. Lyons will also have navigation to the Castle Connolly’s Top Doctor® network of nearly 60,000 top recognized physicians nationwide.

“CCPHP is pleased to add Dr. Zachary Lyons to our roster of exceptional concierge physicians,” says CCPHP CEO and President Dean McElwain. “Dr. Lyons’ credentials coupled with his unparalleled attention and dedication to the wellness and healthspan of his patient base aligns with CCPHP’s mission to providing an exceptional healthcare experience for all Members.”

About Dr. Zachary Lyons
Dr. Zachary Lyons’ interest in medicine developed at young age. The son of a family physician, he was given a firsthand glimpse into the special relationship between patients and their doctor. Personal experiences shadowing medical professionals at Abington Hospital and Lancaster General Hospital furthered his desire to pursue a career in medicine, where he would not only help people, but develop long-term and meaningful relationships with his patients.

Dr. Lyons began his educational journey at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA. Upon graduating in 2009, he accepted a scholarship to attend Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine in Scranton, PA, becoming a member of their charter class and distinguishing himself for outstanding clinical and interpersonal skills, being selected to the Gold Humanism Honor Society. After medical school, he returned to his hometown to complete a family medicine residency at Abington Jefferson Hospital.

In 2016, Dr. Lyons was able to realize one of his professional aspirations by joining his father, Dr. Michael Lyons, in clinical practice and forming Lyons Family Medicine.

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