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Best of 2021: (Recap) The Top 21 Web Sites In Concierge Medicine In 2021


MAY 1, 2021 — It was more than seven years ago Concierge Medicine Today (CMT) released its Top 20 Web Sites in Concierge Medicine of 2014. Fast-forward a few years, in 2018 and 2019 CMT released their list of the Top 20 Ranked Web Sites In Concierge Medicine (2018-2019) and again in 2020.

Circa 2021, CMT has reviewed yet another new batch of practices, Doctors, websites, instagram posts and many new concierge medicine brands in the space to see what makes them truly User-Friendly, Remarkable and Uniquely Different … from a Patients perspective.

“There are some really impressive medical office web site designs in Concierge Medicine this year … but what makes the 2021 list so unique is the focus on personalized patient experiences, aesthetics, primary care, precision medicine, genetics and women’s health,” says Michael Tetreault, Editor-in-Chief of the industry trade publication, CMT. “I am not a Physician, but I am a Patient, so I know what it’s like to sit on the other side of you. I understand what a new, returning or curious patient might be looking for because I’m looking for it too. This years list worked with web site designers that you can tell, left it all out on the field. There are a lot of new Doctors, a lot more smiling Physician faces and photographs of well decorated interiors on the CMT 2021 list this year. If we could add another 25 or 50 to the list this year, we would. 2020 was a tough year for every medical office, healthcare worker, but despite the adversity every medical office faced, they ran into 2021 with smiles on their faces. What I really love about most of what we’re seeing is these medical offices understand that ‘When personable leads to memorable, memorable leads to remarkable.’~J.H. And we know without a doubt that when Physicians [and their team] create a remarkable experience FOR the Patient, they naturally create a sales force for free that actually wants to remark to others about their positive experience. That’s the word of mouth marketing-patient referral they’re always talking about. That’s what’s truly what we see at CMT that is uniquely different about Concierge Medicine that makes it stand up and apart from its familial subscription-based model variants, retail healthcare, cash-only programs and plan reimbursed medical practices … and the proof is in the unique designs displayed in this years list. The web site designers we’re truly exceptional in our opinion.”

Our definition of Uniquely Different means … Do they solve a problem? It also means, How is this program [or Physician] helping to communicate and make a Patient’s life better? Does the web site help the Patient enroll right there, schedule an appointment with ease or capture the visitors contact information? Is it obvious this is a template? Does it have a strong call-to-action? Does it communicate mission and vision whereby stating in no uncertain terms, ‘You are in the right place and you have arrived at a medical office that cares…’?

“For us here at CMT, a great web site solves a problem and it educates the consumer,” adds Tetreault. “It doesn’t sell the patient.  Whether a Patient knows it or not, a Doctor’s web site provides a solution. Today, a Patient wants a partner in their Doctor. They want a friend. They want someone who cares. So, a great web site should communicate that. A lot of times, designing a great web site is guessing or emulating what you might think worked well elsewhere. We love art.  We love gloss and pretty pictures but a great design communicates an experience. That is what people can talk about when they leave your office or hang up the phone after you’ve helped them. Design of a great web site and a really unique Concierge Medicine program and medical office today allows all these things to work together to create a unique experience for the Patient and the Doctor. It brings them closer together. And that is what people talk about and that is exactly why people are falling in love with Concierge Medicine once they’ve experienced it. These tools should all work together to say ‘I’m your Doctor, I’ll be right there … and this place is designed just for you.’ When was the last time you felt that in healthcare? These communication tools allow people to take ownership of their care. Your web site should be so good that when you see a new Patient for the first time, they remark about it to either you or your staff. You want your web site to say to a new patient ‘We’re in this together …’ For us, a great web site moves a prospective Patient closer to the Doctor — which is the singular mission behind so many great Concierge Medicine programs across the country today …”

We live in a healthcare marketplace and culture that tells us healthcare is inconvenient, expensive and frustrating.

“The research proves this out,” said Tetreault. “For the past three years at CMT alone, thousands of our Prospective Patient Surveys we receive each day, tell us that more than 8/10 people don’t know, like or trust their current plan reimbursed Doctor and/or would choose a NP or PA rather than their current primary care or family medicine Physician. That’s a problem. It is so easy for Doctors in Concierge Medicine to move away from that brand because their value proposition is personalized, attentive, timely, communicative and thoughtful.”

Healthcare is filled with customer-no-service and lack of service. What will a Patient or visitor to your practice web site do when you’ve peaked their interest in your Concierge Medicine program and they’re no longer content with the care they have received in your community at another medical office? Are you making it really easy for the Patient to connect with you? We know some great Doctors with some terrible web sites. That’s not necessarily the Doctor’s fault. After all, you’re a Doctor, not a strategic web site designer.

“Patient Satisfaction in Concierge Care remains exceptionally high but inside traditional medical practice environments, patients expect to wait and they expect friction with staff,” notes Tetreault. “Nowhere else in our lives except inside a healthcare facility do we ready ourselves for this kind of tension. Attitudes toward Concierge Medicine have undergone significant and positive changes since the signature of the Affordable Care Act in 2010. Patients seeking Concierge Physicians tell us they expected insurance to cover their visit. When it is was not, they expected to fight. Consumers of healthcare today say, they expect a disengaged staff and an unpleasant visit when at their doctor’s office. We can do better. Concierge Medicine Patients are Invited rather than Expected. This counter-intuitive approach exceeds expectations, thereby creating a massively loyal and engaged audience which, in turn, is producing some amazing patient outcome data as released and seen by other organizations operating in this space.”

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Fast-forward, we see that a lot has changed in the unique and precision medicine focused space in healthcare of Concierge Medicine. People [e.g. the Patient] say they value relationship over cost again and again. Career satisfaction among Concierge Medicine polled Physicians nationally is near 96% after ten years! That’s amazing in itself considering the burnout rates of Physicians in their 50s-60’s in our culture today. But People who do not have a Concierge Doctor, many of them tell us they have lost faith in the healthcare provider. They’ve seen and they want a Doctor that is willing to befriend them and care enough about them in their time(s) of need. Sounds so simple, doesn’t it? But the sad reality is that very few people experience this. As you may have read in my recent story “Radical Hospitality” … early this year, we wrote about a recent experience we had with a Physician at an Urgent Care Center and how there were no lollipops or even tissues in the exam room.

The words “Learn More” or “Get Started” are some of the most common mistakes web site designers make when designing healthcare web sites. And, you don’t have to look very far on the Internet to find some no good, very bad web sites in medicine.

Patients want and deserve more from their Doctors. The web site is the first place they go when they get fed-up. What will they find when they search your name?

Focus on individual subscription Concierge Care plans is on the rise as is interest in such innovative medical offices which offer Personalized Medicine, Whole Genome Sequencing, Pharmacogenomics, Evidence-Based Medicine data use and more. More and more Concierge Medicine Doctors offices are also learning about the positive impact that evidence-based medicine interior design inside a Concierge Medicine practice has on patient care too.

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This year, we looked at some simple criteria to help formulate this short list of great Concierge Medicine web sites in 2021. Those include:

  • Digital Engagement
  • Patient Education
  • Ease of Use/User Friendliness
  • Use of photography, color and messaging in social media
  • Resonance of their brand messaging with fans/patients/followers
  • Interaction and digital engagement
  • Design of the site
  • Photos of the unique interior of the practice
  • Professional Head Shots of the Physician and their Team
  • Form Submission Use
  • Lead Capture
  • Use of Color and Graphics
  • Social Media Interaction & Functionality
  • And More.

“A couple of notable observations this past year,” adds Tetreault. “Aesthetics and concierge nursing services are coming into the healthcare marketplace in a big way. With more than three times as many RNs in the United States as Physicians, nursing delivers an extended array of healthcare services to communities, and the research and studies are proving this out. According to Regis College, studies indicate that states with large population centers tend to have the highest levels of employment in the health care industry. California tops this list, followed by New York, Texas, and Florida. At the same time, states in the South and Northeast have the highest concentration of jobs in the industry, a metric led by Tennessee, Mississippi, Maine, and Massachusetts. Studies show that most of these positions may be offered in physician offices. These reports also project a number of potentially available roles in a hospital and outpatient care environment, although there may a lower number of hospitals to work at compared with outpatient care clinics.

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“We also observed that there is some terminology confusion still quite prevalent in the marketplace between the terms Concierge Medicine and Direct Primary Care (DPC),” notes Tetreault.

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“While each unique, this terminology confusion can be quite tedious to explain to a new Patient. There are differences between the two terms which Physicians and their web site designers and business strategists should know. Over the years and for the past decade or more, each of our healthcare trade journals have outlined how Concierge Medicine and DPC are similar but different. You can read our full infographic and article here. Nonetheless, while each remarkable in each of their uses of a subscription in healthcare, experts advise it’s best to choose one or the other dependent upon a variety of demography, pricing, service and geography factors. Using both terms interchangeably or to use one to shame another is not in the best interest of the Doctors brand and can cause more identity confusion in a somewhat niche marketplace for each uniquely different model.”

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We asked our CMT readers, Patients subscribers of CMT and our annual FORUM guests who use and those who also don’t yet use Concierge Medicine for their input in our surveys and polls … Physicians from outside the industry as well as innovative business leaders in this marketplace to tell us who they think are the Top Most Engaging, Educational, Interactive and Well-Designed Web Sites In Concierge Medicine in 2021.

CMT RANKED: The Top 21 Web Sites In Concierge Medicine In 2021 … Revealed

Concierge Medicine Today’s Top Individual Medical Practice Web Sites Include (Listed in Alphabetical Order, Not Ranked By Order):

  1. Beverly Hills Concierge Health Center, Inc.
  2. Dr. Brinley – Beverly Hills Medical Concierge and Medspa
  3. Laurie Birkholz, MD and Associates | Ms. Medicine
  4. Jon Rosenthal, MD, MBA | Bozeman Concierge Medicine
  5. The Center for Executive Medicine (CEM), Eleanor Connie Mariano, M.D.
  6. Charleston House: Women’s Health & Wellness | Founded by renowned Dallas ObGyn Dr. Kamilia Smith
  7. Concierge Consultants & Cardiology Fort Lauderdale | Dr. Tiffany Sizemore, D.O., F.A.C.C. | Concierge Internal Medicine
  8. Kathrym España MD | Concierge Pediatrics of Houston
  9. Devine Concierge Medicine
  10. Haig, M.D. | AT-HOME URGENT CARE 24/7 Medical Care at Home by Emergency Physicians
  11. HealthClic, | Mayfair, London, U.K.
  12. Kagen MD
  13. LifeScape Premier
  14. Dr. Jason Littleton, MD | CEO: Littleton Concierge Medicine
  15. London Medical Concierge
  16. Longeviti Health
  17. Concierge Medical Practice | Lynley House, Moreton Paddox, Warwick
  18. Medical Associates of New York | Dr. Richard L. Mueller, MD
  19. Spruce MD
  20. STRATEGIC HEALTH SERVICES ™ | Dr. Ken Redcross
  21. The Lanby
  22. BONUS Addition! — Who doesn’t love a bonus! We do. And, as this practice just recently went through a redesign, we felt as though the redesign was worthy of adding to this year’s list as a bonus, #22!  Synergy Private Health

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Medical Center and Hospital Concierge Medicine and Executive Health Programs (Listed in Alphabetical Order, Not Ranked By Order):

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Experts Helping Physicians In The Concierge Medicine Space (Listed in Alphabetical Order, Not Ranked By Order):

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Honorable Web Site Design Mentions By Concierge Medicine Today (CMT) … Listed in No Particular Order/Not Ranked By Order:

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Other Notable and Popular Destination Web Sites Concierge Medicine Doctors and Patients Should Know About (Listed in Alphabetical Order, Not Ranked By Order):

The web sites seen in this list in our opinion engage patients, educate and celebrate physicians and a medical brand through creative, patient-driven design. Illustrating that at the core of each private-pay medical practice a commitment to connect and remain connected with the patient.

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“A physicians reputation in the public and online is dramatically different from the patient reviews they may receive prior to a physicians entry into Concierge Medicine vs. after the conversion,” said Tetreault. “Many [physicians] go from zero to hero in the eyes of their patients in a matter of weeks or months. We have also noticed that the physicians staff and their individual attitudes towards patients still remains a sore spot among the doctor’s and patients concerns. Even post-transition, when physicians are well into managing their Concierge Medicine members … managing staff inappropriately can impact the clinic’s annual patient retention and ultimately, their bottom line. However, it is amazing what can be accomplished when Physicians walk this healthcare delivery process out and into their own communities. It is only now, that when we are able to look back and track these dramatic career moves of physicians that we see why so many patient experiences make so much sense.”

Identity, reach, and engagement is a medical practice web sites most defining expression of success. At its heart it influences visitors, conveys trust and a commitment to a mission to deliver extraordinary service when you visit your doctors office. It’s an extension of your brand’s behavior and heart: who you are, what you stand for, what motivates you. The best web sites in concierge medicine give each company a unique place in the world. From small medical offices to larger clinics with unique value propositions, the list of the “CMT Top Web Sites in Concierge Medicine” listed above are reshaping the healthcare delivery model is increasingly present in these offices. From med-spas to primary care, osteopathic medicine to pediatrics — these brands have created an engaging web site experience, culture and personality. And when it comes to design, these are the web sites to watch and quite possibly, the brands of the future.

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