January 20, 2022

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Best of 2021 — Ranked #10, CMTs “DocPreneur Leadership Podcast” Among Top 60 Healthcare Leadership Podcasts To Follow in 2021

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“Our work here is not done.” said Tetreault. “We must keep our foot on the gas pedal. We will keep telling their [Physician] stories because they are the ones blazing new trails and sending back road maps for all of us to follow.”

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2021 | Mill Valley, California, United States – Ranked #10 out of 50+ healthcare podcasts, Concierge Medicine Today’s very own “DocPreneur Leadership Podcast” was recently listed among the Top 60 Healthcare Leadership Podcasts To Follow in 2021. Also on the list is: The Advisory Board; BMJ Leader is an international, peer-reviewed, online-only journal in the field of healthcare leadership; Becker’s Healthcare Pediatric Leadership Podcast; Health Care Rounds; Lessons in Orthopaedic Leadership; and Healthcare Change Makers to name a few.

“Our mission is to change the world of medicine, one Doctor at a time,” said Michael Tetreault, Host of weekly DocPreneur Leadership Podcast and Editor of the industry trade publication, Concierge Medicine Today, The DPC Journal, AJRM, Program Chair of The DocPreneur Leadership Academy and the industry’s annual conference, the Concierge Medicine Forum. “That’s an achievable goal. We’re a collector of stories and the hard work Physicians do each day is moving the needle in healthcare in the right direction and improving patient outcomes by intentionally improving every aspect of the patient experience. Something for far too long healthcare has gotten a pass-on. While this recognition is a footnote in the catalog of the many stories presented in the headlines today in our news cycle, it’s an honor to be among such leaders in healthcare. They’re all doing great work. And, our work here is not done either. We must keep our foot on the gas pedal. Our guests on the program as well as Physician readers each day live out the vision which is they understand and believe as we preach … ‘It’s no longer about being the best Doctor in the world. It’s about being the best Doctor FOR the world, FOR your Patients and FOR your local community.’ I’m honored we get to come along for their ride. Our Physician guests give us all hope that the patient experience presented today for our children and grandchildren is changing for the better. We will keep telling their stories because they are the ones blazing new trails and sending back road maps for all of us to follow.”

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