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(Listen) Ep 410 | Dear Doctors, 10 Things I’d tell you over coffee

By Michael Tetreault, Editor-in-Chief

One of our favorite stories over the past few months has surprisingly been our physician-focused series entitled Dear Doctors … 10 Things I’d tell you over coffee

To our delight, many of you have shared with us how helpful these nuggets of wisdom have been for you and added more helpful and unique tips you want shared with your colleagues. So, in response to your emails, written notes and even voice mail requests, here are some additional tips we thought you, our Physician readers would want to hear from your colleagues.

Take a moment to listen … we think you just might take at least one golden nugget away from it … 🙂

NOTE: If you have more tips, advice you want to add to this growing list, email us at We just may include your tip in our next series!

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