Physician Spotlight: Boca Raton, Internal Medicine and Women’s Health

Caitlin Prickett, D.O., a board-certified internal medicine practitioner and primary care physician who has a special focus on women’s health, is changing the patient experience with her new practice Concierge Medicine of Boca Raton.

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“I believe women’s health often gets overlooked and my vision is to elevate the standard of care for women,” Dr. Prickett says. “I welcome all patients who are unsatisfied with their current medical care or who have challenging medical conditions. The most interesting part of internal medicine is that you are doing a lot of investigation—things that may have been missed, a test that wasn’t ordered or an image that wasn’t done that could solve health problems.”[1]

Location: 825 Meadows Road, Ste. 111, Boca Raton, 561-961-3005,

Board Certified: Internal Medicine, Women’s Health

Internship/Residency: The University of South Alabama Medical Center



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