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We sit down with Katharine Forth, CEO of Zibrio.

Dr Katharine Forth is a neuroscientist and founder and CEO of ZIBRIO, an empowering health device that monitors balance to reduce fall-related accidents in older adults. Katharine completed her post-doctoral work at NASA and during that time co-invented the ZIBRIO technology, originally for astronauts on the moon, to start her company. A consistent passion, Katharine previously created award-winning balance training programs for older adults, and was awarded the Young investigator Award at the World Expo 2000 for research into that work. A Hall of Famer and world champion athlete, Katharine knows how to get results on and off the field. Katharine and ZIBRIO are on a mission to save the world from falling down.

“Many of us find our balance getting worse as we get older, but have no way of measuring it. If you can measure it, you can change it. Tracking your balance on a ZIBRIO® Stability scale lets you know if your balance is declining, or if your balance exercises are working!” ~Zibrio.com


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