Podcast | Invented by a Mom, Meet Dr. Scribbles Founder/CEO/MomPreneur

Dr. ScribblesTM transforms exam table paper into an interactive experience that covers the exam room, mobile devices, and the online world. “Invented by a mom who spent enough hours in the pediatrician’s office to know that keeping kids calm and occupied would make doctor’s visits easier on everyone …”

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Dr. Scribbles was invented by Angela Malone, busy mother of two young girls, who knew that keeping kids calm and occupied while waiting for the doctor in the exam room would make doctor visits easier on everyone. After countless hours waiting in the pediatricians’ offices with her daughters, Angela had a revelation – there simply wasn’t enough in the office to keep kids occupied and calm. Her girls would get bored, restless, upset and even more anxious while they waited. And so would mom.

“Our patients and their parents thoroughly enjoyed the activities on the paper. Our doctors appreciated walking into a room (even if it was a bit late) where they were greeted with smiles instead of exasperation.”

The doctor would walk in to find tired, distracted faces more ready to leave than to listen.

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