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Ms.Medicine adds Dr. Shawn Ryan to its Investor List

Ms.Medicine is a national healthcare organization offering a concierge medicine model developed to address the comprehensive primary health care needs of women. Logo Used With Permission: Source/Credit: Ms.Medicine | Press Release (

CINCINNATI, Feb. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Ms.Medicine, a national healthcare organization whose mission is to improve the quality of healthcare for women, is pleased to announce its newest board member & strategic investor, Shawn Ryan, MD, MBA.  Dr. Ryan is nationally known for his leadership in evidence-based medical treatment delivery in multi-site healthcare environments.

Founded in 2018 by Dr. Lisa Larkin, Ms.Medicine offers concierge primary care designed specifically to address the complex health needs of women. Its providers have received advanced training in women’s health and adhere to evidence-based treatment guidelines. Ms.Medicine’s concierge primary care model allows patients more time with their provider and offers them unlimited appointments and the ability to reach their provider 24/7 via email and personal cell phone. Over the past 2 years MsMedicine has grown 800% in its presence across the country with over 300% growth in patients.

“I’m excited to join the Ms.Medicine movement,” said Dr. Ryan. “Ms.Medicine’s concierge model offers an innovative approach which maximizes quality and evidence-based patient care. I believe Ms.Medicine is poised to lead the women’s primary healthcare and concierge markets and I look forward to lending my support and expertise to help Ms.Medicine further its growth and reach,” added Dr. Ryan.

“Women today are not getting the healthcare they deserve in the traditional primary care setting,” said Dr. Larkin, Founder and CEO of Ms.Medicine. “By working with providers who have advanced training in women’s health in a concierge model, patients have the access, time, and expertise they need to get high quality, evidence-based care.”

“Having someone as successful as Dr. Ryan, both as an innovator and a physician, is truly an honor for us and we look forward to taking full advantage of the scale and reach Dr. Ryan can help us build.,” Dr. Larkin added.

Ms.Medicine is a national healthcare organization offering a concierge medicine model developed to address the comprehensive primary health care needs of women. Ms.Medicine practices offer evidence based, longitudinal primary and specialty women’s health care which are often are neglected in traditional primary care settings due to time constraints and lack of clinician training in women’s health. In addition to innovation in care delivery, Ms.Medicine is committed to advancing women’s health through education of both clinicians and consumers. Founded in 2018 in Cincinnati, Ohio, the company is expanding nationally, and currently includes offices in Cincinnati, Ohio, Northern Virginia/Washington, DC area, Holland, Michigan, Dayton, Ohio, Naples, Florida, St Louis, Missouri, Boca Raton, Florida, Denver, Colorado and with 3 additional locations to open in the first quarter of 2022. Learn more at

Shawn Ryan, MD, MBA, ABEM, ABAM, is Chief Medical Officer of BrightView Health, a Cincinnati– based healthcare firm focused on evidence-based, holistic addiction treatment services. Previously, Dr. Ryan practiced as an Emergency Room physician and a hospital administrator (Department Chairman of Quality and Patient Safety). Dr. Ryan serves on many regional, state, and national committees/workgroups focused on turning the tide of the addiction epidemic plaguing our country. He is the immediate-past president of the Ohio Society of Addiction Medicine and the current Chair Legislative Advocacy for ASAM. He is both a board-certified addiction specialist and emergency physician.

Contact: Levi Furr, Chief Operating Officer | 513.538.4044

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