CMT Spotlight: Meet Dr. Ken Redcross | The Four Qualities of the Bond Between Physician and Patient

By Editor, Concierge Medicine Today/The DocPreneur Leadership Podcast

Dr. Redcross shares his nearly 20 years of experience and breaks down the four cornerstone qualities that are essential to creating a life-long patient-doctor bond.

Meet Dr. Ken Redcross

“I discovered my passion for medicine and science in high school and thought I wanted to be a veterinarian, until I took a Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy class. I’ve always loved animals, but at 16, the Anatomy class was my awakening moment, and I realized it was people I had to treat.”


“Now, after having practiced medicine for 20 years, I’ve had a few more Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy-class, light-bulb moments. While I enjoyed working at medical practices and clinics, something was missing. Having to rush through every patient-packed day with a mere 5-7 minute time slot for each of them felt unfair to my patients and to my purpose. It took some time for me to realize that I’d have to work within a different model – or create my own — which is how the concierge concept emerged: Strategic Health Services ™.”

Connecting. Active listening. Kindness. Accessibility. Patient-centric.

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