Locumpedia Launches the First Truly Free Locum Tenens Physician Job Board for Staffing Agencies

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Locumpedia Board allows employers to post unlimited jobs in any specialty, upload job feeds, and search candidates — all at no cost. In addition, the board adheres to the highest privacy and security standards for all participants, and no outside party will have access to private employer or candidate data.

Locumpedia, the locum tenens industry platform that helps staffing firms, healthcare facilities, and temporary physicians make intelligent decisions, today announces the launch of Locumpedia Board, the first free, unrestricted locum tenens job board that isn’t owned by a staffing agency.

Registration is now open to any employer seeking locum tenens coverage – including locum tenens staffing agencies, hospitals, management groups, solo practices, and more. Locumpedia Board allows employers to post unlimited jobs in any specialty, upload job feeds, and search candidates, all at no cost.

Not only is job board functionality unlimited and free of charge, but the site’s data is also free from prying eyes. The board adheres to the utmost privacy and security standards for all participants, and no outside party will have access to private employer or candidate data.

Why should employers register?

As with all features of the Locumpedia platform, the job board equally serves all stakeholders in the locum tenens community. All core job board features will remain unrestricted and free forever. Low-cost sponsorship opportunities will be introduced this year for employers who want extra visibility on what Locumpedia founder Cory Kleinschmidt predicts will soon become the industry’s dominant job board.

“On Day One, our board already offers several advantages to staffing agencies,” Kleinschmidt says. “No other site can match our commitment to openness and transparency. Most job boards carry significant subscription fees, while the other free job board is owned by a staffing agency that competes with agencies that post jobs on its site. That’s understandably a turnoff to many staffing firms. We’re not an agency, so we will never compete with our members.”

In addition to co-creating the largest industry job board in 2002, Kleinschmidt co-created two other major healthcare job boards and managed digital strategy for these boards and several healthcare technology companies. The former public relations director for LocumTenens.com, Billie Wickstrom, is now the news director for Locumpedia, bringing decades of industry media experience to the platform.

As a newly launched platform, Kleinschmidt notes that gaining candidate registrations rapidly will be crucial to the growth of the board’s user base. Locumpedia plans an aggressive digital marketing campaign targeting locum tenens providers shortly after launch.

“Our team has been down this road before, so we understand that a job board isn’t much use to employers if there aren’t candidates viewing and responding to jobs. And candidates don’t just stumble upon a new board; they have to be exposed to it, and they need to understand why it’s worth their time to register,” he said.

In the next 60 days, Locumpedia plans to introduce functionality allowing employers to search candidate profiles, download CVs, message candidates securely, and create candidate email alerts. For now, the emphasis will be on acquiring at least 10,000 locum tenens job opportunities to attract candidate registrations.

Why should locum tenens providers register?

Currently, the locum tenens job market is spread out among many other physician job sites, leading to fragmentation and missed opportunities for providers who don’t have the time or interest in maintaining accounts on so many sites. By removing competitive barriers and high costs that leads to fragmentation of locum tenens opportunities, Locumpedia expects to attract more jobs than any other locum tenens job site.

“Many staffing agencies are reluctant to post their jobs on a job board that a competing staffing agency owns. That won’t be an issue on Locumpedia, so there’s nothing to prevent us from growing into the largest locum tenens job board,” Kleinschmidt notes.

Another key feature that sets Locumpedia apart is the ability for providers to post reviews of locum tenens staffing agencies for which they’ve worked. These shared experiences will help locum tenens providers understand the agency’s customer service reputation and the kinds of assignments and client facilities they represent.

Traditional job board functionality is simply table-stakes in the digital age. As Locumpedia founder Kleinschmidt says, “Established boards have little incentive to build something truly new because any change to their business model could imperil their profitability. We’re starting with a blank slate and asking ourselves what a locum tenens platform should look like in 2022, and we plan to deliver on our mission to develop the first true locum tenens platform that benefits everyone.”

Employers and locum tenens job seekers, register for Locumpedia Board here.

About Locumpedia

Locumpedia is a locum tenens industry platform that helps physicians, staffing firms, and healthcare facilities make intelligent decisions with free news, resources, and tools. The platform is comprised of Locumpedia News, Locumpedia Directory, Locumpedia Web Search, and now, Locumpedia Board. The company was founded in 2020 and is an official vendor member of the National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations (NALTO).

SOURCE: https://www.prweb.com/releases/2022/2/prweb18500117.htm