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About the Practice

Retiring Internist has a turn-key practice available! Oregon Direct Primary Care,, is a profitable, membership-based (concierge) practice in Portland, OR with a few hundred established patients. Stable patient memberships over 10 years. Membership model reduces insurance hassles to an absolute minimum. Private, independent, suburban practice, not a corporate entity—you have total control over your practice! MD advice is completely aligned with the patient’s best health as the goal.  Our standout approach thrives on a strong doctor-patient relationship–not a provider-consumer relationship.

Job Location

  • Portland, OR

Name of Primary Contact Person

Phone Number

  • Tel. 503-894-9464

Job Requirements

Clinical practice currently 3.5 days/week.  Ideal for experienced Internist or Family Physician.  Potential for staff retention is high.  Established Consultant available to assist with all needed credentialing and insurance paneling.  Current physician will provide patient introduction and transition assistance to acquiring physician.

The successful candidate with have a strong belief in the doctor-patient relationship and an entrepreneurial bent. Numbers for projected income, patient panel, and practice expenses clearly show potential to realize a return on investment within a year or two of purchase.  Necessary exam room equipment, office desk and furniture, EKG, Spirometer, etc. available with practice.

Duties/Responsibilities/Job Description

The best concierge doctors spend time with their patients. We typically spend an hour with the patients and then plenty of time researching their issues and providing additional recommendations over the phone or via email.

We tend to refer to consultants for a procedure or specific query. If consultant physicians fail to answer questions posed, we call them and discuss the case.    We do not refer for symptoms alone, but do the work-up so the specialist visit is beneficial.

Return to a practice centered on building relationships with patients, made possible by a greatly-reduced patient panel that allows for time to advise, educate and understand the whole patient.