CMT SPOTLIGHT: “Frictionless Primary Care” — Meet NICE HEALTHCARE

Photo Credit/Source: (Used with persmisson) (C) Concierge Medicine Today, LLC/The DocPreneur Leadership Podcast
(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nice Healthcare is the leader in “Frictionless Primary Care”, primary care in which financial friction and access friction has been eliminated for both patients and clinicians. Nice Healthcare brings healthcare services into the patient’s home using a combination of in-person and virtual visits. Nice contracts directly with employers to provide unlimited access to its service under a transparent and capitated rate of $30 – $36 per employee per month. Dependents are free and there are no visit fees billed to the patients for any of Nice’s services which include in-home primary care visits, virtual visits, 550+ prescriptions, in-home labs, in-home x-rays, and virtual physical therapy and chronic condition management. TO LEARN MORE, visit: SOURCE: