CMT Spotlight on VSee and Aimee Ukraine — (Fox News) US doctors provide free telehealth for Ukrainian soldiers, civilians, refugees

Telehealth will ‘connect American doctors to patients on the battlefield’

By Tyler O’Neil | Fox News

According to a news release provided exclusively to Fox News Digital, VSee developed Aimee, a telehealth app that “brings together more than 2,000 U.S.-based physicians to provide free on-demand doctor visits covering all medical specialties, including Emergency Room and trauma.” VSee is a video telehealth platform with a 14-year history supporting health efforts in North America, the Middle East, Africa, conflict zones, the International Space Station, and refugee camps.

We caught up with Dr. Lara Purdy just weeks ago … LISTEN TO FULL INTERVIEW HERE … Photo Credit/Source: Dr. Laura Purdy; (C) 2021 Concierge Medicine Today, LLC/The DocPreneur Leadership Podcast

Day after day in America, we witness atrocities in Ukraine on our screens. Aimee’s goal is to send back real help to directly and meaningfully make a difference in Ukraine,” Laura Purdy, MD, chief of medicine for Aimee Ukraine and a telehealth physician executive, army veteran, and entrepreneur, told Fox News Digital.