Editor | “One Day Isn’t Enough.” — Happy National Doctors Day


Editor, Michael Tetreault | Photo Credit/Source: (C) Concierge Medicine Today, LLC/The DocPreneur Leadership Academy

Dear Doctors and CMT/DPC Journal Physician Readers:

Happy National Doctors Day. We cannot let this day of all days go by without recognizing your influential role in our world and more specifically, in our lives. We see you, we believe in you and we are FOR you!

We (your Patients) are your biggest fans — or at least I am! 😉

When five words from you, mean more than fifty words about you, we say a special **thanks** to you and all Physicians on this day because of the impact you’ve had on our lives and our family. It should be a national holiday IMO. Wouldn’t that be cool!?! 🙂

You’re unique personalities, your service and specialized medical expertise and sacrifice don’t go unnoticed or unappreciated in our lives.

One day is simply not enough to express our sincere gratitude for your *specific* influence, involvement and leadership in so many peoples lives.

We are your Patient(s) and we are forever grateful FOR you!

Thank you. And, thank you for living and breathing this vision whereby we know better than anyone … “It’s no longer about being the best Doctor in the world anymore, it’s about being the best Doctor FOR the world, FOR your Patients and For your local community.”

Thank you.


~Michael, Editor-in-Chief
Concierge Medicine Today | Healthcare Industry Trade Publication & our sister publication, @Direct Primary Care Journal.