Six Great Questions to Ask at Your Next Medical Staff Meeting

“This halftime adjustment could make all the difference.”

Dear Doctors,

Can you believe we’re at the half way mark and more of 2021 already?

For many of the Physicians and office teams we talk to each week they are telling us that their staff meetings, while infrequent and well, boring, need a little pick-me-up.

So, I thought we might share a few “Medical Office Staff Meeting Questions” to help equip, challenge and keep you and your staff on target for a great second half of the year.

Summer time is often a season FOR DOCTORS to regroup, readjust and attempt to finish strong with the implementation of new ideas starting in the fall.

Summer time in other words, is your version of Halftime.

It is a great time to measure what’s working, what’s not working, make some adjustments, embrace some realities, celebrate the wins with your team, and recommit to the goals and hopes you had back around the New Year.

Either way, this month, I’m encouraging you to take 10 – 20 minutes in your next Medical Office Staff Meeting to walk through these questions.


  • What were five of your biggest wins for the medical practice the first half of the year? Write them down here. Then, share them out load at the meeting. You’ll be inspired to remember the positive things and most likely recall some “wins” you forgot along the way!
  • In what area did I make the most progress?
  • In what area did I lose momentum, and what can I do to generate new energy in this area?
  • What is one habit I need to focus on in the 2nd half of the year?
  • What is the one thing, that if it happened in the 2nd half, would make 2021 a major success for the practice?
  • What is one idea you’ve had for quite sometime that you’d like to try in the second half of the year?

It’s not too late to have a great second half!


Concierge Medicine Today, Editor