CMT Spotlight: Tough Conversations With Your Doctor Around Advance Directives

The Cape Gazette recently interviewed one Concierge Medicine Physician, Dr. Uday Jani — “It’s important to note that the advance directive is a legal document, and not a medical order used by doctors, emergency medical technicians or hospitals to treat you in an emergency situation,” said Jani. “For this reason, we advise those who are seriously or terminally ill to also fill out the new Delaware Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment document, which travels with you if you are moved from one healthcare setting to another.” Photo Credit/Source: Concierge Medicine Today, LLC. October 2021

Editor’s Note: Who better to talk to about end of life discussions than our Physician? But, this conversation is difficult, awkward and usually avoided. But starting the conversation can help get the discussion going. Recently, the Cape Gazette highlighted the importance of these discussions when they interviewed one local Concierge Medicine Physician where he said story writes … “There’s no better time to start than right now and ensure you are cared for in the final stages of life according to your most deeply felt wishes,” said Dr. Uday Jani.

Advance directives can bring peace of mind

National Healthcare Decision Day was April 16

By The Cape Gazette

April 13, 2022 – Advance directives are important to consider, even for the young and healthy. It’s a topic that 92% of Americans say is important to discuss, yet only 32% have had such a conversation, according to The Conversation Project.