Blog (Shareef Mahdavi) 3 Lessons Medical Practices Can Learn From Hotels

The Art of Hospitality

The concept of hospitality dates back to ancient Greece, where hosts entertained guests in a mutually respectful and beneficial relationship. Today, hospitality is a broad industry category that covers dining, lodging, tourism, and recreation.

CMT invited Shareef to our DocPreneur Leadership Podcast not too long ago and here’s our interview with him #FORDoctors about the importance of customer service in the medical practice environment.

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What strikes me about healthcare is how much can be learned and applied from the world of hospitality. Most of hospitality has figured out how to treat customers well and encourage loyalty and repeat business. And yet, for the most part, healthcare has been stuck in terms of making meaningful improvements in the patient experience. It often feels like medical encounters are a decade behind what we’ve come to expect in our daily routine of interacting with people when shopping, dining, and most customer-driven activities.

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