Radish Announces $4 Million Seed Round to Provide Municipal Governments and Midsize Businesses Access to Convenient and Affordable Healthcare

NY, Press Release | Radish Health expands access to personalized healthcare services like primary care, mental health and nutrition counseling for midsize employers

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NEW YORK, March 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today Radish Health, a concierge healthcare platform providing convenient and affordable primary care services to municipal governments and midsize businesses, announced $4 million in seed funding. The round was led by Tusk Venture Partners with participation from MaC Venture Capital, Global Founders Capital, and The Fund. Radish works by providing personalized services to self-insured employers like municipal governments and midsize businesses as a workplace benefit.

Launched in 2020, Radish works with employers typically left out of the large, cost-heavy insurance plans to provide immediate access to primary care for their workforces. By focusing on core service areas and personalized care, Radish helps businesses and governments save on their healthcare costs and provide better care for their teams’ compared to offerings currently on the market. Focused on rebuilding care for contemporary patients’ needs, Radish was able to stand up in-person workplace clinics, provide telehealth services, and send at-home test kits to employees as a workplace benefit.

“A majority of midsize businesses cannot offer their employees onsite primary and mental health care,” said Dr. Viral Patel, CEO and Founder of Radish Health. “At Radish Health, we are reaching the 30+ million midsize business and municipal governments looking to provide accessible healthcare benefits for their employees either through telehealth, in-person at a clinic, or in their offices.”

Currently, Radish is partnering with Union Square Hospitality Group, the Town of Babylon in New York, and the District of Columbia to provide access to comprehensive primary care, access to on staff physicians and personalized workshops, mental health services, pandemic-related care, and more. Radish’s partners have offered its services to help their employees save on healthcare costs, have access to a dedicated care team, and be able to use important onsite services such as vaccinations, blood work, and annual physicals. Radish has been a crucial employer benefit to its partners by creating workshops on how to choose an insurance plan or advising employees directly on critical healthcare questions.

“Keeping our employees safe and healthy is always our top priority,” said Chip Wade, President & COO of Union Square Hospitality Group. “By partnering with Radish Health, we have been able to provide our employees easy access to primary care doctors, mental health services, onsite testing and vaccinations, and other essential medical care. We believe these benefits will be core to keeping our employees safe, healthy, and happy to be working at USHG. This partnership will also help us save on our healthcare expenditures, providing an opportunity to invest in employee growth and development.”

“We saw a need to prioritize the health of our town’s civil servants like never before,” said Babylon Town Supervisor Rich Schaffer. “Radish Health is the core of our new employee health strategy. Our staff now have access to primary care and mental health resources, enabling them to lead healthy lives and keep our town running.”

Radish Health plans to use the new funding to continue providing high quality of care, expanding its line of services beyond primary care and mental health, and creating new personalized programs for the workforce. Radish charges employers a small monthly fee per employee, around 1% of their average healthcare spend.

About Radish Health:

Radish Health provides municipal governments and companies access to affordable healthcare through virtual and in-person care. Founded by emergency medicine physician Dr. Viral Patel, Radish Health unlocks access to essential services such as primary care, mental health, nutrition counseling, and more.  To learn more, visit: https://www.radish.health.

Media contact: Rachel Livingston, rachel@tusk.vc

SOURCE Radish Health; https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/radish-announces-4-million-seed-round-to-provide-municipal-governments-and-midsize-businesses-access-to-convenient-and-affordable-healthcare-301510025.html