(New Podcast) Ep 443. The Difference Between A Compliment and Feedback

By Michael Tetreault, Editor-in-Chief | Updated for 2022

About six years ago, I wrote the title of this op/ed and again today I’m revising and updating this article to emphatically state the same message.

“It’s no longer about being the best Doctor in the world any more. It’s about being the best Doctor FOR the world, FOR your patients and FOR your local community.”

If you have made it past year one, five, ten or even 25+ years now in Concierge Medicine, this article is for you!

In fact, it is even for the veteran “DocPreneurs” and curious Physicians out there you rub shoulders with at the hospital or at medical conferences who struggle with what we patients call, “likability.”

First, I want to say you are a DocPreneur.

What we mean by that term is that you as a Physician with entrepreneurial tendencies … see the delivery of healthcare differently than your peers. And, that’s okay.

I love what author and communicator Jon Acuff says, “Be weird until the rest of the world catches up.”


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