Female VC Challenges In Healthcare

“Our goal is to empower the next generation of parents to take ownership of their family’s health. We want to help new parents feel confident and capable when taking on the job of managing the health of their entire family, and build a platform that will ease the minds of new parents everywhere.~Estelle Giraud, the Co-Founder and CEO at Trellis Health

By Michael Tetreault, Host/The DocPreneur Leadership Podcast by Concierge Medicine Today/FOR DOCTORS FORUM

Our special guest today is Estelle Giraud, the Co-Founder and CEO at Trellis Health

In today’s podcast, we unpack:

  • Curated, educational tools that provide guidance and confidence as mothers and families navigate their maternal health journey.
  • Venture Capital Challenges Among Female Entrepreneurs In Healthcare
  • Protecting Private Patient Information
  • Challenges Faced By Female Entreprenuers
  • Taking back personal agency in pre and postnatal healthcare


I’m a founder passionate about human health and I’m also a new mother,” said Estelle. “My experience was pretty intense but not uncommon; including IVF, an emergency C-section, prenatal hypertension, postpartum preeclampsia and medication incompatibilities. I had to monitor my blood pressure multiple times a day, track symptoms, maintain a complex medication schedule, stay on top of a calendar full of appointments and reminders, and had a multitude of genetic and blood tests. There were so many apps and tools out there that would tell me the size of my baby, what carrier was best, or what milestones they were reaching in utero, but there was nothing to really help me manage my own health. And while my care team was fantastic – my information was so siloed it created inevitable gaps in my care. I’ve moved several times and seen many different physicians both before and during my pregnancy, and the lack of continuity left me feeling anxious and frustrated. I felt I had to stay on top of my own care and information or it would slip through the cracks… my baby and I would slip through the cracks.

Trellis Health is a one stop shop for navigating pregnancy and beginning of life care. When starting or growing a family, navigating the siloed complexities of necessary medical care adds stress and frustration to a new parent’s already full plate. Trellis Health is here to create lasting change and reframe the way pregnant moms take control of their care. As a new mother herself, Estelle is especially focused on personalizing medical care to the individual and ensuring no new mothers (or babies!) slip through the cracks.

“I spoke with dozens of women, and discovered that my experiences were not unique; quite the opposite,” notes Estelle. “Frustration, concerns around maternal health risks, missed information leading to avoidable mistakes, it was all a common burden of responsibility for these women. I believe we can fill some of these gaps and ease the “pregnancy health load” with a secure, private health data system and some very simple digital tools that allow your health data to work for you in a meaningful way. This is one of the most important health journeys of your life, building a human. We have to do a better job at supporting women through this.”



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