CMT Spotlight: Meet The Lown Cardiology Group

The Lown Cardiology Group

Impact: As a concierge cardiology practice, The Lown Cardiology Group is continuing its history of compassionate care for patients. With this model, they are building better relationships with patients and focus more on preventive medicine and wellness.[Source: Lown Cardiology Group] On the verge of closing their doors in 2019, this 5-physician group is now one of the largest concierge cardiac practices in the country.  

    • Brian Bilchik, M.D. Medical Director, Director of Sports Cardiology
    • Charles M. Blatt, M.D.
    • Dara Lee Lewis, M.D. Director of Non-Invasive Testing
    • Shmuel Ravid, M.D., MPH
    • Alyson Kelley-Hedgepeth, M.D.

“Making the change to concierge medicine saved our entire organization, including many who had worked with us for their entire careers,” shared Lown Group partner Brian Bilchik, MD. The Lown Cardiology Group has long established an extraordinarily high standard for superior quality, non-invasive cardiovascular care, and are now redefining the concierge space. Among their differentiators: A newly launched cardiology screening package and concierge membership program specifically developed for women; A series of ongoing free webinars for community education; Continued contributions to the profession by Dara Lee Lewis and Dr. Alyson Kelley Hedgepeth as blog writers for Harvard Health newsletter; Active participation in educating future generations of doctors as faculty of Harvard Medical School. Their practice mantra harkens back to Nobel prize winning founder Dr. Bernard Lown, who was dedicated to restoring the ‘lost art of healing’ by doing more for patients, and less to them. “Understanding our patients’ individual strengths and vulnerabilities, and knowing their families and social situations, are the greatest assets we have in providing the right tools to keep them healthy,” explains Dr. Bilchik. Adds Dr. Ravid: “Emphasizing preventive measures and medical management is essential to minimizing the risk of most common cardiovascular conditions. Invasive intervention should remain a last resort, and only if absolutely indicated.”

Source: Lown Cardiology Group | Learn More & The Lown Cardiology Group of Physicians …