CMT Spotlight (Podcast Ep 449) Concierge Physical Therapy

How A Concierge Physician & A Physical Therapist Are Working Together To Bring Optimal Movement To Patients.

Today I’m joined by a Concierge Medicine Physician and a Physical Therapist.

AgeProof Your Body started as a collaboration between physical therapists, physicians, nurses, and personal trainers who wanted to help active older adults move and live better.

“MovementX is doctor founded and patient focused. Our community of passionate health professionals believes in a better way of care. We envision a world healed by movement.” ~Josh D’Angelo, Co-Founder and CEO

The Beginning…

The AgeProof Your Body exercise program began as a collaboration between Northern Virginia Family Practice (NVFP) and MovementX. NVFP was looking for a pathway to help their patients exercise safely, effectively, and consistently, and MovementX was looking for a way to share their knowledge and help more people move their best at a larger scale. They came together in 2018 to pilot the first AgeProof Your Body Exercise class, designed to help individuals move better and exercise more, regardless of their age. The class quickly became so popular with NVFP members that a second class had to be introduced. Over the past two years, the class was further developed, refined, and improved.

The Digital Evolution…

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, MovementX and NVFP quickly decided to move towards a digital format to help ensure their participants continued moving and living their best, while they were forced to be in their home. Further yet, they decided to gear their efforts towards the greater good, donating 100% of proceeds to the Protect the Heroes fund to help hospitals secure resources and equipment to more effectively fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Together, they were able to raise nearly $5,000.

Since then, the virtual exercise class series has evolved to a members-only community for those looking to continue moving and living their best. While the movement of many is restricted to the home, AgeProof Your Body hopes to be a positive source of inspiration, guidance, and education for all looking to maximize their movement from the safety of their own home.

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