Employment-Seeking Board Certified Internist or Family Practitioner-Concierge Practice in Charlotte, NC

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Job Location

Charlotte, NC

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Type of Job

Full Time

About the Company/Practice, Signature Healthcare, PLLC

Signature Healthcare, a Charlotte, NC concierge medical practice is seeking a board-certified Internist or Family Practitioner to join our team. Founded in 2003, we have grown our practice by delivering high-quality, evidence-based, personalized care to our patients. By keeping our patient panels small (<350 patients per physician), we are able to develop strong personal relationships while providing exceptional customer service.

Duties/Responsibilities/Job Description

Signature Physicians are collaborative and outgoing, confident, adaptable and hardworking. We offer comprehensive in-house services, including x-ray, phlebotomy, IV therapy and POC testing. Our doctors care for an adult population who are invested in their own health. We keep normal weekday hours. During weeknights, weekends and holidays, call is shared equally among our (currently) 9 physicians. While we have courtesy privileges at our local hospitals, we do not provide in-patient care.

We do not employ physician extenders and each doctor works closely with a dedicated nurse. Our doctors enjoy flexible scheduling that accommodates a healthy work-family balance, great compensation and benefits, and an unparalleled job satisfaction.

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