Can a Universal Healthcare System Work? Meet Dr. Gilbert Simon

By The DocPreneur Leadership Podcast, Concierge Medicine Today

Our special guest today is Dr. Gilbert Simon, author of a new book, Ripped Off!: Overtested, Overtreated and Overcharged, the American Healthcare Mess.

Gilbert Simon, MD, has been a primary care physician for more than 50 years. In 1988, he created, grew, and operated an award-winning network of clinics that served 40,000 low-income patients. He did it working on shoestring budgets. Now, he spreads the word about how the American healthcare system can take better care of its citizens and cost a whole lot less.

Ripped Off!: Overtested, Overtreated and Overcharged, the American Healthcare Mess is his new book and is your guide to better understanding the problems of the American healthcare system—and what you can do for yourself and how to help enact change. Gilbert Simon, MD, has been a primary care physician for over 50 years. He has seen how the corporate takeover of medicine created a costly, bloated, complex, profit-driven bureaucracy. He explains that the current system is out-dated, unsustainable and that we have come to the time for major reform. Ripped Off! shows you how healthcare spending will only increase until major legislative and administrative changes are made and how, like other industrialized countries, America can provide high-quality and equitable service to all of its citizens.

After reading this book, you will:

  • Recognize the need for healthcare reform
  • Feel confident demanding a better and more affordable healthcare system
  • Discover the truths of overspending with American healthcare
  • Call for a new system that keeps you healthy while keeping your paychecks higher

Ripped Off! demands the need for a more cost-effective healthcare system. It answers questions like, “How can a universal healthcare system work?” and “How can we find the money to do it?” It is time to make a change and save billions of taxpayer dollars. With this book, you can gain the knowledge and courage to make effective healthcare reform a reality before it’s too late.

GET HIS NEW BOOK HERE … Ripped Off!: Overtested, Overtreated and Overcharged, the American Healthcare Mess

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