Happy #VeteransDay! 🇺🇸 Podcast 2 of 3 | Meet Dr. Wilder | Preparing for Surgery New Online Evidence Based Edu Program to Help Patients Before Surgery

Happy #VeteransDay! 🇺🇸

Not long ago we sat down with a Veteran, a Concierge Physician and always faithful friend, the beloved Dr. Susan Wilder.

Preparing for Surgery is something Doctor’s often provide patients a document and checklist for. But there’s more to it than that. A lot more as Dr. Wilder explains.

“After losing a loved one to preventable surgery complications, the habits embedded through this course have the potential to positively impact health for life,” says Dr. Wilder. “Don’t Face Surgery Unprepared!”

Dr. Susan Wilder is Family Physician Certified in Functional Medicine and she’s passionate about PREVENTION and helping her Patients, especially if they’re about to have surgery.

“Sadly, our medical system achieves the poorest overall health results in the developed world, at the highest cost, because we focus on rescue over prevention. How often do each of us take our health for granted … until it fails? Undergoing surgery when I was a holy mess was disastrous. I suffered significant brain fog and chronic memory issues after surgery because I didn’t realize – even as a physician, my genetics, my diet, medications, sleep habits and lack of healthy stress management significantly impaired my ability to clear drugs like anesthetics and pain medications.”

Surgery is a risky undertaking too often taken without much thought or preparation.

“In a standard preoperative clearance, we might do a quick physical and run a few tests to clear you to undergo surgery – none of which have proven to reduce your risk of complications or improve your likelihood of recovery. Luckily, you have more control than you think over your state of health, mind, body, spirit, heading into surgery and how smooth and quick your recovery.”

In 6 simple modules, this program takes patients step-by-step through enlightening & inspiring a personal action plan to cruise smoothly through the finish line, recover quickly, and heal beautifully.

Patients and Physicians are invited to watch this video Dr. Wilder and her team have created for you to learn more about the importance of preparing for surgeries, and the dangers of entering a surgery unprepared.

“I guarantee, treasuring your health need not be difficult, boring, or full of sacrifice. Small steps over time create massive impact. What have you got to lose? You can see results in even a few weeks of concerted effort. So… Can I really help YOU? I truly feel I can.”

So if you know someone facing elective surgery, with at least 2 weeks of lead time, please direct them to: https://www.optimizesurgery.com/

Affiliate opportunities available at: https://www.optimizesurgery.com/partners


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