Meet Mother-Daughter, Dermatologist Duo

By Modern Ritual

Elianna and Dr. Goldstein are the dermatologist and mother-daughter duo behind Modern Ritual.

After Elianna saw her father get treated for skin cancer in 2018, she partnered with her mother, leading skin cancer surgeon Dr. Beth Goldstein (@dermdrgoldstein). Together, their mission is to expand access to skin healthcare options to prevent and detect skin cancer.

It’s called a Modern Ritual, because we fundamentally believe that skin health is a part of our body’s overall health, which means we should take care of it, invest in it, the way we do all other parts of our daily rituals.

Clinical Research & Results

Men’s Attitudes and Behaviors About Skincare and Sunscreen Use Behaviors

The Daily is medically formulated based upon research from over 700 men to ensure smell and consistency were most favorable for habitual application in men.

Attitudes and Behaviors That Impact Skin Cancer Risk among Men

To best understand the factors that will impact men’s perceptions and risk factors in skin cancer.

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This Mother-Daughter Duo Are On a Mission to Save Your Skin

By Cody Barnett, MPH, MRA Director of Communications & Patient Engagement | 27 June 2022 | Allies & Partnerships, Prevention

Dr. Beth and Elianna Goldstein aren’t your usual mother-daughter duo. That’s because they are just as comfortable heading to yoga together as they are reviewing quarterly sales projections for their startup, Modern Ritual. The company, launched in 2020, creates simple and effective skin care products and services to protect you from skin cancer.



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