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Amazon Unveils Amazon Clinic — a virtual health service that delivers convenient, affordable care for common conditions

Introducing Amazon Clinic, a virtual health service that delivers convenient, affordable care for common conditions

Visit Amazon Clinic to see a full list of available conditions for treatment and to find out if Amazon Clinic is available in your area.

NOVEMBER 15, 2022 | News

Written by Dr. Nworah Ayogu, Chief Medical Officer and General Manager, Amazon Clinic

Amazon Clinic will operate in 32 states and provide virtual care for more than 20 common health conditions, such as allergies, acne, and hair loss.

At Amazon, we want to make it dramatically easier for people to get and stay healthy. We’ve begun that journey with Amazon Pharmacy—where customers can get their medication delivered to their door conveniently—in just two days for Prime Members. We’ve also entered into an agreement to acquire One Medical, a human-centered and technology-powered provider of primary care. One Medical members benefit from a dedicated relationship with their provider, a friendly and convenient in-office experience, and ongoing engagement via a dedicated app.

Source:; Health Tech Amazon’s latest push into digital health: a virtual clinic for common conditions like allergies and hair loss By Heather Landi; Nov 15, 2022 06:00pm

Speaking about Amazon Clinic during the HLTh 2022 conference Tuesday, Nworah Ayogu, M.D., Amazon’s chief medical officer, said the online retail giant is “leading with its competency” of connecting customers to products and services they want.

“We’re connecting customers to providers who provide care. We’re playing matchmaker and building a great customer experience. It’s a win-win,” Ayogu said.

Amazon launches text message-based Amazon Clinic in 32 states including CT, MA and ME; Connecticut Public Radio | By Sujata Srinivasan; Published November 15, 2022 at 5:50 PM EST