Renee Unveils Aggressively Low-Cost Prescription Drug Plan: $25 Per Month for Most Popular Medications Needed by Subscribers

In light of prescription cost increases in America, Renee eases burden by creating flat-rate access to 500 of the most popular medications for the most common chronic conditions – no insurance required, no copays, no shipping costs, no hidden fees

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Renee, the first-ever healthcare assistant that combines human support with advanced AI to alleviate the burdens of healthcare, today announces it has accelerated the launch of its flat fee prescription drug program to give relief to all Americans. In the midst of soaring drug prices, high inflation and increasing layoffs, Renee’s prescription plan includes the 500 most commonly prescribed medications for one flat rate of $25/month — with no insurance required, no copays, no shipping costs, and no hidden fees. Through this new plan, Renee closes access gaps that prevent patients from receiving and taking their prescribed medications.

“Whether you need two prescription drugs or more, we’ve removed middlemen and unnecessary costs to ensure Renee subscribers pay one flat rate of $25 to receive the common medications they need,” says Dr. Renee Dua, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Renee. “Given the economic times we are facing right now, Americans are struggling. It has always been our mission that healthcare must be incredibly easy and universally affordable. No one should have to choose between affording food or medicine. Now, they don’t.”

Together with its existing features, Renee’s new prescription program enables closed loop healthcare proven to improve health outcomes and lower costs. Renee will schedule a member’s doctor’s appointments, pay for and deliver prescribed medications right to the member’s door, remind the member to take their medications, track their adherence and vitals and schedule timely refills so the member is on track to better health without the hassle of managing it themselves. Any person – regardless of their health insurance status – can sign up for Renee and their new prescription program.

“With the cost of medicines increasing faster than the staggering inflation rate, we felt obligated to move up the launch of Renee’s flat-rate prescription program,” said Nick Desai, co-founder and CEO at Renee. “We are taking away the uncertainty of costs and all the hassles that go with medications. We don’t just pay for the medications, we deliver them to your house, remind you to take them and when you’re out of refills, we’ll schedule your doctor’s appointment for you, without you having to ask.”

According to the US HHS, prices of more than 1,200 prescription drugs skyrocketed by over 31.6% from July 2021 to July 2022— beyond the inflation rate of 8.5%. With millions of Americans struggling to afford the medications they need to live a healthy and stable life, Renee remains focused on health equity. The addition of fixed price access to the most common prescription drugs is a breakthrough in closing these healthcare disparities. Even still, only 50% of prescription drugs are actually taken by patients, which is why Renee provides daily medication reminders, tracks adherence, and schedules healthcare appointments as part of the same $25/month.

“It’s time that health-tech lived up to its potential of reaching those who are most in need, and we are doing so by helping Americans receive the medications they need to live better,” continued Desai.

After joining Renee, members speak by video to a caring Renee concierge, who handles the tedious and confusing process of transferring their prescriptions from their current pharmacies and doctors to the Renee plan. The Renee concierge also activates each member’s personal health assistant that handles healthcare appointments, reminds members to take medications and track vitals to provide caring human support at the touch of a button. Patients can now sign up for the service at and initiate their seamless digital health journey.


Founded in 2021 by veteran health-tech entrepreneurs Nick Desai and Dr. Renee Dua – the husband-wife team that created doctor house-call industry leader Heal in 2014, Renee is the first-ever personal healthcare assistant designed to help everyone, especially aging and polychronic Americans, with their most essential healthcare tasks. Renee is a groundbreaking combination of caring, human concierge touch and intelligent software that work together to support overwhelmed patients throughout their healthcare journey. Based in Santa Monica, California, Renee is supported by $8.2MM in venture investments from Quiet Capital, Tau Ventures, Mucker Capital, Fika Ventures and the AARP’s Age-Tech Collaborative.

To see what Renee does (and how easy it is to use), watch this short video:

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