Dr. Uday Jani inspires and informs at Concierge Medicine Forum | Cape Gazette

November 14, 2022
Source: Cape Gazette

Dr. Uday Jani, founder of Shore View Personalized Medical Care in Milton, shared a fascinating, information-packed update on gut health and the immune system as a featured speaker at the Concierge Medicine Forum, held Oct. 20-22 in Atlanta.


Staff Photo, Concierge Medicine Today, LLC., The Cape Gazette recently interviewed one Concierge Medicine Physician, Dr. Uday Jani — “It’s important to note that the advance directive is a legal document, and not a medical order used by doctors, emergency medical technicians or hospitals to treat you in an emergency situation,” said Jani. “For this reason, we advise those who are seriously or terminally ill to also fill out the new Delaware Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment document, which travels with you if you are moved from one healthcare setting to another.” Learn More About Concierge Medicine Today’s Industry Approach to Physician Leadership & Excellence, Events, Online Courses & More | Source/Photo Credit: Concierge Medicine Today, LLC., the Concierge Medicine Forum & The DocPreneur Leadership Podcast | #FORDoctors #PhysicianLeadership #ConciergeMedicine; Photo by Concierge Medicine Today, LLC., October 2021; Staff Photo

Jani also joined a panel of prominent medical professionals to provide his thoughtful perspective on managing the troubling rise in mental health issues across the age spectrum.


SOURCE: https://www.capegazette.com/article/dr-uday-jani-inspires-and-informs-concierge-medicine-forum/249078?fbclid=IwAR3tLjnJ2GAxl5i77fHFtVN5_5yYQMibHKr-DFK591_4FzpArveKSASd454

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