NCH Healthcare System to Collaborate with Matterhorn Fit to Offer its Unique Training Process to Concierge Patients

NCH Healthcare System to Collaborate with Matterhorn Fit to Offer its Unique Training Process to Concierge Patients

NAPLES, Fla. – Dec. 1, 2022 The NCH Healthcare System has announced that it is collaborating with Bonita Springs based, Matterhorn Fit, to offer its world-class wellness services as an added benefit to NCH patients who are members of one of the seven NCH Physician Group Concierge Medicine Practices. These services will be offered in addition to what NCH already offers its concierge patients through our own exceptional NCH Rehabilitation and Wellness Centers.

NCH Concierge Medicine offers patients a highly personalized health management and assessment program with an experienced primary care physician. Patients have peace of mind knowing that they are receiving comprehensive, state of the art medical care, which is tailored to their individual needs. This new collaboration with Matterhorn Fit will complement the level of personalized care NCH seeks to make available to its concierge patients by offering a seamless solution between pain relief and training.

Matterhorn Fit’s mission is to restore and empower an active lifestyle for everyone by utilizing the same holistic healing and performance process used by the world’s best athletes. Today, Matterhorn Fit has established itself as a leader in Florida with clients that include more than 60 professional athletes, 11 Olympians and thousands of active individuals.

“This collaboration with NCH moves us one step closer to bridging the inherent gaps between health, wellness, and performance. Our mission has always been to help clients restore and achieve the active lifestyle they desire,” said Ryan Vesce, CEO of Matterhorn Fit. “Our proprietary process has been successful in helping residents in our community for over four years and is the reason people come to Matterhorn Fit from all over the world.”

“The Matterhorn Fit team has developed an exceptional process,” said Paul Hiltz, President and CEO, NCH Healthcare System. “We are proud to collaborate with them to offer their services as another option to thousands of our concierge medicine patients.”


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