UBERDOC, Inc. Partners with Spa Week Media Group, Ltd. to Launch Co-Branded National Healthcare Gift Card

The UBERDOC Health and Wellness Gift Card is a simple and innovative way for consumers and organizations to gift quality healthcare and wellness to the people they care about.

Boston, MA — December 9, 2022  UBERDOC, Inc., UBERDOC, Inc., a digital healthcare platform that connects patients to top doctors for transparent prices, today announced the launch of its partnership with Spa Week Media Group, Ltd, the largest Spa and Wellness Network in North America and founders of the Spa & Wellness Gift Card,  to offer consumers and businesses the ability to gift health and wellness on a never before seen scale. The UBERDOC Health and Wellness Gift Card will be valid for use at UBERDOC’s 4,000 doctor’s practices featured on www.uber-doc.com, as well as the 9,000 spa and wellness partner locations featured on www.spaweek.com.

UBERDOC allows care seekers with any or no insurance to quickly book doctor’s appointments without restrictions, referrals, or unexpected bills. The platform currently hosts over 4,000 doctors that cover everything from primary care to pediatric oncology and offer 20,000 available appointments every week. By using UBERDOC, care seekers save an average of 4 weeks of waiting and 20% on the appointment cost.

By using UBERDOC, care seekers save an average of 4 weeks of waiting and 20% on the appointment cost. ~Merrit Hawkins + UBERDOC Data

UBERDOC Gift Cards can be used for:

  • Out-of-network doctors
  • Second opinions with top specialists
  • Annual primary care and dental visits
  • Massages, facials, salon services, fitness classes, and more

With the growth of gig-economy jobs and remote work, healthcare is harder to access for employees and more costly for employers. By offering health and wellness gift cards, UBERDOC and Spa Week Media Group are providing a more efficient and functional way to put healthcare dollars directly into the hands of employees.

“We are excited to offer patients more options for their healthcare and the reassurance that they can quickly find the care where they need without worrying about what it will cost.”

Dr. Paula Muto, Founder + CEO

“We are excited to now offer patients a variety of wellness options for their healthcare needs along with the ongoing reassurance that they can quickly find  medical care where they need without worrying about long waiting periods or what it will cost,” said Dr. Paula Muto, Founder and CEO of UBERDOC. “Our partnership with Spa Week Media Group is a true testament of our commitment to continue to deliver innovation and diverse health and wellness services with industry leaders that share our vision and goals.”

“The Spa and Wellness Gift Card by Spa Week is a leading Brand because of our commitment to creating value through health and wellness. We are expanding on that allegiance by providing yet another service option through UBERDOC that delivers unique and compelling value to consumers,” said Cheryl Reid, Founder and CEO of Spa Week Media Group, Ltd. “Gift cards and wellness are leading consumer choices in benefits and incentives, a win-win to growing our presence in healthcare with UBERDOC.”


UBERDOC is currently the largest network of direct-pay specialists in the country. UBERDOC partners with health plans, employers, medical cost-sharing groups, government agencies, and more to ensure that everyone has access to the care they need.

About Spa Week Media Group, Ltd.

Spa Week Media Group is the largest and fastest-growing gift card company in North America with over 9,000 spa & wellness locations in its network. The gift card is currently a leading wellness benefit in hundreds of corporate programs nationwide offering employers the ability to support and promote employee health. In addition, the Spa & Wellness Gift Card can be found in over 75,000 retail locations including CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Amazon, and more. The gift card continues to offer its recipients unfettered access to thousands of services including massages, facials, osteopathic treatments, yoga, Pilates, fitness classes, and more.

SOURCE: https://uberdoc.prowly.com/218464-uberdoc-inc-partners-with-spa-week-media-group-ltd-to-launch-co-branded-national-healthcare-gift-card


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