Industry Podcast Celebrates Its 500th Episode!


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  • Concierge Medicine Today’s industry podcast, The DocPreneur Leadership Podcast, hits major milestone for the concierge medicine industry, its 500th episode!
  • The Concierge Medicine Industry’s Podcast is produced by Concierge Medicine Today, LLC., and To Date, The DocPreneur Leadership Podcast Is Expected To Surpass 100 Thousand Downloads Across Its Platforms.

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Date of Press Release

January 9, 2023

ATLANTA, GA USA – The DocPreneur Leadership Podcast, an audio production of the concierge medicine industry’s healthcare trade publication, Concierge Medicine Today, announced this week that it will hit two major milestones in the concierge medicine industry. This release marks its 500th episode and this month, is expected to surpass 100 thousand downloads across its many streaming platforms and web properties. Hosted by the industry’s healthcare trade publication, Concierge Medicine Today, The DocPreneur Leadership Podcast celebrates the incredible work of Physicians in concierge medicine as well as precision medicine, telehealth, direct primary care and other practice models with unique subscription-based programming.

The podcast also features a wide variety of technology-focused Physicians and healthcare business leaders across the space and beyond who are thriving in their corner of the healthcare ecosystem to help create patient-first care environments. The podcast, which meets the growing interest to learn more about the ins-and-outs of many types of membership medicine models, serves a unique niche in the podcasting world inviting Physician-Entrepreneurs, business leaders and healthcare technology experts with new episodes released each week. The DocPreneur Leadership Podcast has been recognized by Welp Magazine among the 20 Best Genomics Podcasts of 2021 and is currently ranked #9 on the Top 60 Healthcare Leadership Podcasts[2] by Feedspot Readers, a list curated from thousands of podcasts on the web and ranked by traffic, social media followers, domain authority & freshness.

The podcast was launched by Concierge Medicine Today in January of 2016, nearly a decade after the trade publication, Concierge Medicine Today launched its digital industry education publication. Today, The DocPreneur Leadership Podcast can be found on iTunes in the Entrepreneurship category and available for download on multiple podcast-streaming services, including iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, Libsyn, and it’s easy to find at

(Right) Editor & Podcast Host, Michael Tetreault and two Physicians (left to right) Dr. Choulet and Dr. Beaty, speak during a mental health panel at the industry’s annual conference, the 2022 Concierge Medicine Forum in Atlanta, GA USA. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE LATEST OCTOBER 2023 CONFERENCE INFO AND LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR WORKSHOPS.  #fordoctors #conciergemedicineforum #conciergemedicine #conciergemedicineconference #learning | Photo Credit/Source: Staff, Concierge Medicine Today | Healthcare Industry Trade Publication

“I’m not a Physician but I am a Patient, so I know what it’s like to sit on the other side of the exam room,” said Michael Tetreault, Editor of Concierge Medicine Today and podcast host. “It is from that perspective that we sit and interview our Physician guests and educate the healthcare marketplace at-large, about the irresistible and patient-centered environments they’ve created in a subscription-based healthcare marketplace dynamic. It would be challenging to find a stronger, more patient-centered and entrepreneurial physician podcast community than the one behind The DocPreneur Leadership Podcast. Thank you to all of the listeners a.k.a. DocPreneurs, who continue to inspire us to keep producing the podcast every week for the past several years. This unique podcast gives Doctors the chance go deep and wide and allows our guests the opportunity to speak directly to their peers about new insights in the practice of medicine which they themselves can unpack and uncover and now inform other Physicians new to the concept about emerging technology and best practices inside the complex business of medicine.”

Submissions: Complete Our Podcast Guest Application Form To Be Potentially Be A Guest on The DocPreneur Leadership Podcast …

Some featured Physician guests and podcasts include: Dr. Connie Mariano, who served nine years at the White House where she was physician to three sitting American Presidents. In November 2005, Dr. Connie Mariano founded the Center for Executive Medicine, a medical concierge practice which provides presidential-quality medical care to CEOs and their families.[3]; Dr. Nneka Unachukwu, #1 Bestselling author of the EntreMD Method, host of the Top 100 podcast, the EntreMD Podcast and member of the Forbes Business Council.[4]; Katharine Forth, neuroscientist Founder and CEO of ZIBRIO who completed her post-doctoral work at NASA and during that time co-invented the ZIBRIO technology, originally for astronauts on the moon, to start her company; Dr. Laura Purdy, a busy “mompreneur” life with four kids under the age of 10 who at the young age of 37, was awarded the well-deserved title of “America’s Doctor” by colleagues across the nation.[5]; Jo Bhakdi, Founder and CEO of Quantgene known for his work in machine learning, sequencing technology, and DNA extraction procedures and for whom is defining the cutting edge of genomic diagnostics, early disease detection, and precision medicine.[6]; Dr. Dana Corriel, MD Founder/CEO of SoMeDocs, Internist to Social Media Maven. [7]; Marni Jameson Carey, MA, the Executive Director, Association of Independent Doctors; Keith D. Algozzine, PA – C, the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of United Concierge Medicine; Jenna Anderson, CEO of AccessElite, the first total well-being platform delivering comprehensive physical, mental and emotional support, wherever your team might be.[8]; Dr. Stephen C Schimpff, MD, MACP; Dr. Ken Redcross; Dr. Clint Flanagan, Founder & CEO of Nextera Healthcare; Dr. Lisa Larkin is Founder and CEO of Ms.Medicine, a health care business model dedicated to advancing evidence-based women’s health; David S. Karow, M.D., Ph.D., Chief of Radiogenomics and interim CEO at HLI; Dr. James O’Connell, President of BHCHP and an assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, author, and editor of The Health Care of Homeless Persons.[9]; and more.

Here’s what fans of The DocPreneur Leadership Podcast have to say –

  • “Love It! Always Diverse Topics In Medicine.” — Dr. L., Family Physician
  • “About minute number 4 I got tears in my eyes …” — Dr. G., Concierge Medicine Physician
  • “They are not afraid to ask the pesky questions …” — Dr. M., Academic Institution
  • “It is a reminder that we are all humans, with human emotions, emotions that can be buoyed with a simple gesture that takes little time.” — Dr. S., MD, Maryland
  • “Awesome. The interviews are really diverse. I like the format and I always walk away learning something new.” — iTunes
  • “I really loved hearing lectures on cutting-edge medical topics. They know what they’re talking about.” — Hospitalist Physician, Houston
  • “I know there are gems in these podcasts …” — iTunes

About The DocPreneur Leadership Podcast

This podcast is recorded, produced and owned exclusively by Concierge Medicine Today, LLC. Concierge Medicine Today (CMT) and it’s DocPreneur Leadership Podcast have become a trusted voice of healthcare insight, news, Physician education and economic analysis about a wide variety of topics in healthcare. Those topics include but are not limited to: Precision Medicine; Concierge Medicine; Whole Genome Sequencing; Pharacogenomics; Membership Medicine; Direct Primary Care; Legal, Accounting and Physician Succession Planning; Practice Management and Growth and more.

About Concierge Medicine Today, LLC.

Concierge Medicine Today, LLC., (CMT) is the concierge medicine industry’s healthcare trade publication and online news resource for thousands of Physicians in private and subscription-based medicine services. Its industry educational resources are the online destination FOR Doctors, healthcare business leaders, healthcare legislators, Physician researchers and other industry stakeholders to learn about the news impacting innovation in unique healthcare delivery models, understand the history of this space, connect with some of world’s most entrepreneurial-minded Physicians, network with early adopters in healthcare, unpack industry polls, surveys and trends, highlight breaking news and more. CMT helps drives the conversation forward about the Concierge Medicine and subscription-based healthcare delivery marketplace on a national and international level in healthcare.

About The Concierge Medicine Forum

The Concierge Medicine Forum (CMF) is the industry’s annual conference destination FOR Doctors, healthcare innovators, DocPreneurs, Family Physicians, Internists, Integrative and Functional Medicine Physicians, medical researchers and other healthcare stakeholders to learn about the rich history of this industry. We’ll explore the various aspects of the marketplace, its trends and more that will drives the conversation and further deepen the Patient-Physician relationship. Click here to view the upcoming dates of the conference, speaker line-up, sponsors, exhibitors, and sessions.

Intended Audience and/or Use: The content, products and/or services offered or discussed herein are here to educate physicians, healthcare business leaders and/or healthcare professionals and is not intended for the general public (Please see full Disclaimer below). In no event is this information considered medical, legal, financial, accounting or other professional advice (Please see full disclaimer below). Concierge Medicine Today, LLC., our sister publication(s) and/or Podcast(s) use our best efforts to gather the information that is available and use it effectively to help educate Physicians about new and exciting innovations in healthcare. Concierge Medicine Today, LLC., our representatives, agents or employees accept no responsibility or liability for the claims made by the Physician(s) interviewed or our guests. Once again, If you have any questions about these topics, evidence cited, physicians, their services, etc., please contact the doctor or doctor’s office directly. The views expressed herein are those of the Physician; they do not necessarily reflect the views of our organization or Representatives. Please note, if you have any questions about our interviewed guests, physicians, business leaders, etc., their services, insights, etc., please contact them or that doctor or doctor’s office directly. The editors, publishers, distributors, hosts, Concierge Medicine Today, LLC., its related, affiliated or subsidiary companies or employees/representatives, stress that since the details of an individual’s personal health situation are fact-dependent, you should seek the help of a competent professional, attorney, licensed physician in good standing and/or financial/tax professional. None of our representatives or affiliated companies of Concierge Medicine Today, LLC., shall be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages or financial costs arising out of the use of any of the physicians thoughts or advice on this article, journal or podcast(s) (See Full Disclaimer Below).

Full Disclaimer: This interview, the hosts, guests, producers, it’s agents/authorized representatives and/or affiliated companies, are not providing medical, financial and/or legal advice. Any portion of this broadcast is not to be reproduced, copied or transmitted in any form and is owned, managed and produced by Concierge Medicine Today, LLC. Concierge Medicine Today, LLC., it’s authors, hosts, agents, and/or authorized representatives or affiliated companies are not responsible or liable for the content or opinions of any particular guest and/or Physicians insight(s) given on this broadcast/program/site(s). Any products, actions or services mentioned are at your own risk and you agree, consent and understand the risks associated with using those products/services and indemnify and hold harmless Concierge Medicine Today, LLC., its publishers, authors, editors, guest posts, interviewed guests, physicians interviewed, hosts, guests, sponsors, affiliated representatives, affiliated companies of Concierge Medicine Today, LLC., etc., directly and/or indirectly, against any damages, losses, liabilities, judgments, costs or expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs) arising out of a claim by a third party relating to materials.

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