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Today our guest is Richard D. Palarea, CEO & Co-founder of Kermit.

Learn More at https://www.kermitppi.com/

Kermit is an analytics platform that delivers insight to the fragmented spend category of physician preference items. Kermit equips supply chain managers, surgeons and executives with real-time data on implantable medical device transactions, offering unprecedented visibility that’s saving hospitals millions of dollars.
“We created Kermit, an analytics platform that does just that, with a team that draws on its deep understanding and experience in the medical device industry where it counts; clinical expertise, supply chain management, procurement, cost control and the appreciation for the intricate worlds of the surgeon, hospital administration and suppliers. Formed in 2011 in Baltimore, Maryland, we’ve implemented Kermit within hospitals across the country who now use a collaborative approach and our evidence-based framework to bring control of PPI spend back where it belongs. We now manage 40% of the implant spend transacting in our home state and provide services to a national customer base.”

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Richard co-founded Kermit after nearly 30 years at the helm of PA & Associates, a national leader in transportation spend management. His experience in negotiation, bidder relations, application design and development, marketing and all aspects of business management prepared him well for his current role. His passion for the transformative power of collaborative, cloud-based and mobile technologies in business makes him particularly well-suited to lead the Kermit team.

Richard’s work has been featured in The New York Times and Microsoft’s Startup Stories. The Baltimore Business Journal recognized his firm as one of the Fastest Growing Privately Held Businesses and one of the area’s Largest Turnaround and Management Companies. When he’s not orchestrating the new landscape of PPI spend management, Richard enjoys personal fitness, church service, taking the checkered flag in high-performance kart racing and investing in the lives of children by coaching youth sports.

Learn More at https://www.kermitppi.com/

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