Healthy Leadership Practices

Overcoming Staff Failures In Customer Service

By Editor/Host, Concierge Medicine Today

I read recently that people on average feel about 35 emotions an hour.

Makes sense, right.

So when two worlds collide, healthcare and hospitality — there’s a cataclysmic, volcanic eruption that is seemingly unspoken by many Physicians today that elicits an insurmountable tidal wave of resentment about hospitality and empathy towards this notion of ‘being hospitable’ in healthcare.

After all, you were trained for years and years to serve Patients in such a way that makes them ‘feel’ healthier and ‘feel’ more confident about their human condition and ailments.

What is often misunderstood by most Physicians we bump into, (with some exceptions, primarily those in concierge medicine, some in direct primary care and many plastic surgery) is that hospitality … is also about a feeling.

The Cambridge Dictionary defines Hospitality as “the act of being friendly and welcoming to guests and visitors.”

So, if your practice lives, dies, grows or fails based on the patient referral, it would make sense that the conversation of ‘hospitality in healthcare’ would be at the forefront of your practice/office culture. Right?




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